phpBB to bbPress Forum Convertor: How it Works Tutorial

phpBB to bbPress plugin how it works
You are considering about changing your forum platform? You current one does not meet your needs? There is not enough visitors on your forum and you can’t engage more? Whatever reasons you have it is good that you are looking for a way to improve. Surely phpBB was a great forum software, but it was in the past. This days it looks an outdated especially the design. And of course it is not that SEO-friendly at all. There is a wide range of forum platforms out there, which are more flexible and has lots of disti...

HTML to Joomla. All the WHYs and HOWs of Successful Migration

html to joomla prezi
If you are in the middle of deciding between a “traditional” static HTML-based website or more dynamic Joomla – keep reading. The article takes you through the main features of each software for you to realize why Joomla has become the platform of choice for millions of users over the past decades while HTML-powered websites look somewhat obsolete and outdated. Generally, users often find a lot to like with HTML. It is considered to be an optimal way to go in case you wish to pack your website with a ...

Joomla K2 to WordPress Migration Plugin: How It Works

joomla k2 to wordpress plugin how it works
Do you think people often move from one platform to another? Yes, and there are lots of reasons for that. There are even people that migrate their website, just because they do not like the design or want more functions and there is nothing else to do except transfer to another platform. In case, you are pluning to migrate your Joomla k2 website to WordPress, you can do it with CMS2CMS: Joomla! K2 to WordPress Website Migration plugin. While migrate with this plugin, you may save a lot of time, as the migration...

vBulletin to bbPress Migration Alternatives: Built- In vs Automated Solutions

In the world of web technologies, people are divided into those who take hazards and those who strengthen their strategic stability. In plain words, there are those who are always in search of alternatives for their online projects and those who are insistently improving and polishing their sites features. However, today a large number of website owners prefer to start the website from scratch rather than beat their old sites completely. The same situation is with the discussion boards owners, especially lots of...

SMF to vBulletin Migration: Your Development Path [Prezi]

If you run a website forum and you aim to be in the limelight, or you just want to create the reliable communication place for your business members, it’s about time to think about the solid and intuitive discussion board. Today, there are dozens of them, all of them have more or less featured rich functionality, user-friendly operations, and other additional options. Also, you may choose between paid and free form platforms. As a rule the entrepreneurs prefer to use the bulletin boards on the paying basis, it...

Limited Support Due to Coming State Holidays

On the occasion of celebrating the state holidays, MagneticOne Team will provide limited support on April, 21 and May, 1-2. You will be provided with the opportunity to submit a ticket or contact us via live chat from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (GMT+2). We highly appreciate your understanding and will respond to any requests received during these days. Sincerely Yours, MagneticOne Team  

“WordPress is My Living” – an Inspirational Interview with Alex Moss

Editor’s note: In our blog interview series we have so far done interview with many of world-class experts and developers. In today’s interview we have Alex Moss – one of the UK best-known experts in the field of WordPress development. Alex has been designing sites since he was a teenager, creating fan sites for popular TV shows. Today, he  focuses on WordPress development and SEO. So, without any delay let’s meet him in our post and get inspired by his incredible life experience. 1. I’m sure th...

CMS2CMS: DataLife Engine to WordPress Converter: How it Works Tutorial

DLE to WordPress Plugin
Both DataLife Engine and WordPress are advanced and efficient content management systems. One of them, for instance DataLife Engine, is a commercial CMS, which is developed with AJAX to lower the traffic consumption. If you want to customize a template there are no restrictions. You can also integrate any design for a website powered by DataLife Engine. However, this is multi-user CMS for blogs or news website creation. WordPress is a free, open-source solution, which allows to create as many web project as you...

CMS2CMS b2evolution to WordPress Migration with Plugin: The Tutorial

b2evolution to wp plugin
WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world. The time when this platform was just a blogging publishing tool has gone. These days, it is one of the most efficient web projects creating software. WordPress’s success is phenomenal and more and more website owners are willing to have an internet spot powered by this content management system. CMS2CMS always has a goal to make the migration process as clean and straightforward as it possible. That is why, we created this CMS2CMS-made plugin for an autom...

IP.Board to bbPress. Means and Reasons of Migration

Sometimes we all find ourselves in a need of creating an online community in order to get in touch with our clients in a user-friendly way. In a market where forums need to be built easy and fast – owners are often turning to forum boards to get the job done. While speaking about IP.Board and bbPress – they both take their respectful positions and are often considered as options to evaluate. The right choice between these two platforms is really a difficult one – but let’s try to outline the...
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