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Acquia cloud is cloud based solution for hosting of Drupal websites. This platform features flexible pricing plans(the price depends on number of ECUs, storage space and level of support).

As oppose to shared hosting or you hosting your website on your own, this service provides high availability , caching, automated software patches, failover, system monitoring, 24x7 support.

Try converting your website to this platform using CMS2CMS service, it is very easy. Your website content will be moved to Acquia in no time using CMS2CMS. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

AdaptCMS is a PHP based utility for website creation and management. The strength of AdaptCMS is the ability to customize your site operations that helps to publish your content with no efforts. Moreover, you will be provided with convenient user management on various levels, based on the combination of user, group and level control permissions. Thanks to robust design options, you may develop your own template and customize it to your desire.

Do you want to try the new opportunities with AdaptCMS? You may easily migrate your content from your current website tool to AdaptCMS in a few moments with CMS2CMS. The procedure is automated, secure and very swift.

Are you looking for an appropriate CMS platform for your business? Alfresco software can meet your demands. This site management tool serves the business community network, providing you with the ability to create the strategic plans, business presentations, customer profiles, contract documents, etc. Alfresco is a framework for the whole company that organizes its business flow, optimizing your company members interaction and cooperation.

If you want to get the extreme success at your business, migrate to Alfresco with your website in a few easy steps. CMS2CMS is the right tool for site content migration. It moves data from your current CMS to Alfresco automatedly with no time and efforts waste.Follow this migration guide to convert your site data properly.


Migrate from b2evolution: 4.x, 5.x

b2evolution is a publishing tool that combines traditional features and the newly developed ones. This CMS platform is a fantastic fusion of simplicity as well as the great functionality. You may essentially improve your web project with the file and photo management, advanced theming, multiple support domain and other effective features. b2evolution service guarantees you the ease of use and the obvious progress of your website or blog development in the nearest future.

CMS2CMS online service will help you make the first step to website creation on b2evolution CMS. It will import all your data from the current platform to b2evolution automatically without any losses and waste of time. Look through migration guide to check up how the migration works.

bbPress is a free open source forum plugin for WordPress. It is powering the support forums at, which is an acknowledgement of its efficiency. bbPress features ease of use and installation bound together with the speed and countless customisation and extension opportunities. It effortlessly integrates with WordPress and works well for multisite installation as well as for a single website.

If you think bbPress will make a good addition to your website, use CMS2CMS for transferring your forum posts to bbPress. This will be done totally automatically in a blink of an eye! Check up this migration guide to get more instruction on how to perform migration properly.

Possessing the functionality of a content management system and framework, BEdita has the great bulk of features that turns website management into a smooth and advanced procedure. With this tool you are able to improve your web project functionality with multiple available modules. Also, you can make use of its object oriented design. multi-tier architecture and other features of BEdita library.In case you want to convert your site from your current CMS platform to BEdita, you may do it automatedly with CMS2CMS. This tool will move your content directly to BEdita preserving all the elements.

Bitrix is a content management system with help of which the new business organisations are developed on the Internet. This platform is extremely popular and distinguished for pioneering technology, exclusive security features and for being easy to use. Its goal is to increase business development, performance and effectiveness on the Internet.

If this platform sounds good for you, then you are lucky as CMS2CMS supports Bitrix now. From now on, you can easily and very quickly migrate from your site to Bitrix with CMS2CMS tool. Only a few clicks of mouse, a few minutes and in the result you will save lots of time and money. is a blog-publishing service, which allows you to enrich your web project without having to care of the complicated feaures and functions. The blogging process is a pleasant matter when using this service, because you can easily concentrate on the content, not on the process of data adding. You will be presented a huge variety of possibilities which greatly helps you in leading your blog. is the right way to have success in blogging.

If you want to migrate your current data to Blogger, CMS2CMS is the best decision to migrate without any errors and gaps. This online service will totally import your current data to the new blogging platform in matter of a few clicks. Follow migration instruction for additional info on the migration

The ability to create an interactive web projects together with the implementation of ecommerce system is the main advantage of Ceros publishing platform. It’s a great tool for plain and multifarious content creation by using various devices including mobile and even tablet. Also, Ceros is technically advanced with the built-in utilities that provides you with many extra functions to perform. What’s more, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to work with this publishing platform, Ceros is the cloud - based.

Would you like to give a try to Ceros? Migrate your content from your current CMS platform to your new Ceros tool in a few mouse clicks with CMS2CMS. It’s simple and effortless way of your data conversion.

If you are looking for the web area, where you can put into practice all your programming skills pleasantly and with no efforts, CMS Made Simple will be the optimal solution for your development. This is an open source package that offers you to create corporate websites, commercial projects, etc. Furthermore, CMS Made Simple that is built by using PHP allows its users to implement other scripts to maximize the functionality of the sites. Also, it’s possible to extend the functionality of your templating system because of Smarty implementation. This tool provides you with the ability to create dozens of entities using its engine.

If you are ready for the rapid and prosperous development, you may switch to CMS Made Simple with CMS2CMS that will move your content from your current CMS platform to the new CMSMS one totally automatedly and very fast.

concrete5 is a free open source CMS platform that allows creating complex websites rather easily. You will be satisfied with the robust features together with the simple content management. Moreover, concrete5 is a SEO-friendly platform, helping you to boost the traffic to your site. The designer developed themes and useful add-ons are both free and commercial. concrete5 is a great field both for small site development and complicated business page management.

If you want to go on with concrete5, CMS2CMS migrates data from your current CMS to concrete5 without any efforts and losses, making it the fastest process ever.Follow this migration guidance to get all the information on your website data conversion.

Contao is the CMS platform that’s an all-inclusive package of intuitive interface, advanced modules, reliable permission system and many more. Contao has Ajax and Web 2.0 technologies that greatly simplify the website operations. Also, if you run your website on Contao CMS software, you may easily use its live update feature whenever needed.

The easiest way of switching to Contao is the automated migration with CMS2CMS. This online service offers you to move your content from your current CMS platform to Contao with no efforts and time investments.

Cotonti is the mixture of web framework and content management system at the same time. To master all the tricks and hacks of this website management tool, you don’t have to possess the strong knowledge of PHP, be sure of straightforward coding and simple APIs. Cotonti features the great number of plugins and modules that will help you coduct all the management operations with ease. Also, you are offered both default and third-party themes to implement and improve your website content completely.

In case you are ready to master Cotonti CMS and CMF at the same time, CMS2CMS offers you to move your site content from your current CMS platform to Cotonti automatedly. That means with no time wasting and really easily.

CrownPeak is SaaS-based web content management solution. This system contains enormous amount of features for content management, analysis and targeting. CrownPeak includes robust yet easy to use tools for content authoring, which allows to create beautiful content with no coding skills required. After your content is create you easily promote it in multilingual, multi- channel environment. When your content is being sent across multiple sources you just observe using convenient analytics tool.

Use CMS2CMS now to migrate your content from you existing CMS to this gorgeous content management solution. It takes almost no time, and requires no technical skills. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

DataLife Engine

Migrate from DataLife Engine: 10.x

DataLafe Engine is a CMS based on CutePHP system, sufficient for blog or news content purposes but can be expanded with modules. One of its features is the possibility to use any existing design with no restriction and to customise existing patterns. This CMS additionally gives an option to enable or disable Search Engine Optimization and save your server traffic and resources, thanks to AJAX.

If you wish to migrate website from your current CMS to DataLife Engine, it is more convenient by using automated migration service CMS2CMS. It will convert your website easily and fast in a few simple steps. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

Directus is the combination of a content management system and framework that is written in PHP. This website publishing tool is the featured-rich utility for creating an extended web projects with ease and convenience. If you are just starting to run your website on Directus, you’ll be provided with the all required functionality, so you don’t need to add some extra plugins or extensions. Also, you’ll be able to experience your skills in developing your own themes on Directus framework.

If you already run your web project on other CMS/CMF platform, and want to migrate to Directus, it’s not a problem with CMS2CMS. You are able to move all your content precisely to Directus in a split moments, saving your time and efforts.

Dotclear is a web publishing software for creating numerous web projects including websites, blogs, etc. This tool offers the great variety of plugins and themes you to implement to your website. All these functions will allow you to make your website management easy and flawless. Dotclear is written in PHP and possesses the multilingual interface. This web publishing application offers all the features to turn your website into the desirable one.

Would you like to try your abilities by using Dotclear? Move your content from the current CMS software to Dotclear with CMS2CMS automatedly. It takes you just a few minutes and not a speck of your nerves.

DotNetNuke is an extended CMS platform that serves as the basis for intranet interaction ot even for e-commerce projects. The multiple diversity of features become the master-ground for professional website runners. With the great apps, you may easily add the extra-functionality to your website framework. DotNetNuke provides the simultaneous performance of modules and skins, that are functional and customizing extensions. In general, DNN offers you the wide range of different issues to be performed.

If you dare to make a huge step forward, you should switch to DotNetNuke CMS. In this case, CMS2CMS online service will migrate your content from your current platform fast and precisely. Follow this migration guide to make your switching simple and smooth.

Drupal Forum is a core module which serves for creating discussion boards on the website. You can easily customize the forum by adding fields or modify display rules etc. Apart from the standard forum functions, there is also an opportunity to use different plugins, for example Smileys, Quote, Signatures for Forums, VotingAPI etc in order to edit the content or add voting and rating features.

If you are interested in the idea of converting your current forum to Drupal forum, CMS2CMS migration service can handle this for you. This tool will make the migration easy, accurate and really fast- with no coding skills required. Check up this forum migration guide to get all the necessary information.


Migrate to Drupal: 7.x
Migrate from Drupal: 5.x-7.x

Drupal is a PHP based open source platform for website creation and management. It is often referred to as a very developer-friendly CMS, with unprecedented functionality sufficient not only for creating sites, but also building web applications. With certain knowledge, it can be used to run sites of any complexity, including social networks or huge corporate portals, where various access levels are used.

If Drupal sounds like a good choice for you, with CMS2CMS service your website will be migrated to Drupal or other CMS totally automatedly in a few easy steps. Follow migration guidance for additional details on the migration.


Migrate from e107: 1.x

User friendly website management is the main prerogative for e107 CMS platform developers. It fits the taste of users, designers and developers at the same time. The robust features warrant ease of creating publishing web pages, interactive portals and other types of the site content. In addition, this utility offers flexible plugin architecture that optimize the site management. e107 is fully integrated with the user-class permission system that provides you with the various types of access.

CMS2CMS will import the content from your current CMS platform to e107 automatedly, saving your time and efforts. With this online migration service, your content transfer is a fast and accurate process. Check up this migration guide to get more info on your website conversion.

Ektron is a content management system that provides your with the ability to create websites, intranets and even portals. This CMS platform offers the unique functionality and design solutions to reach the pick of your site development. The distinctive features of Ektron are the mobile responsive design and integration with CRM, Marketing Automation Systems, drag and drop widgets options and more. Also, you may improve your site with the consistent set of APIs.

Are you looking migrate to Ektron CMS platform? With CMS2CMS, your switch to Ektron is fast and precise. Every piece of your content will be migrated to Ektron accurately and flawlessly in no time at all!

Exponent CMS platform is considered to be one of the most user friendly tools for creating dynamic websites. This may be easily explained with the fact that you don’t need to install any additional applications. Exponent functionality is already gained to its perfection. One more advantage of using this site publishing tool is the modular system that will support you with all the necessary options to perform the excellent website operations. Considering Exponent CMS design offer, it enhanced the ability to create multiple site themes, CSS stylesheets, sub-themes, etc. In general, Exponent is the mixture of the advanced functionality and ease of use, one run into another.

Planning to join Exponent CMS community right away? Move all your content from your CMS platform to Exponent CMS in a couple of minutes with CMS2CMS - easily and totally automatedly.


Migrate to ExpressionEngine: 2.x
Migrate from ExpressionEngine: 2.x

Power and flexibility are the common characteristics of ExpressionEngine. It does provide limitless possibilities for expression - and is a great engine for creating beautiful and exclusive websites. It requires certain knowledge to start with, but promises to become an indispensable tool for experienced users. You’ll be able to extend your site, customise it and run multiple sites within one installation and this is just the beginning.

To start your ExpressionEngine exploration, migrate your site with CMS2CMS. In no time you’ll get your shiny new EE site ready to go! Check up your migration guide to get more info on the website migration.

Google Sites is an excellent web page-creation tool which is the part of Google Productivity suite. The features and functions are more than meets the eye. You will be provided with a number of templates in a public gallery while the users in your domain may publish their templates in your private gallery. Custom domain name mapping, multi-tier permissions and accessibility are the basic features of Google Site. The diversity of extensions will essentially enrich your web site. Anyway, this functional and user friendly service is an appropriate solution for everyone

If you are making a step to Google Site, CMS2CMS will help you in this process. This online service will automatically migrate the data from your current web site-building service to Google Sites. The process will take only a few clicks and pratctically no efforts. Follow this migration guide to get more useful information to make your website migration simple and fast.

Habari is an easy-to-use blogging software which was developed in 2007.This really modern platform provides the clients with all the functions to satisfy their needs. The positive feature is that Habari is extremely fast which means that whatever you want to do, it won’t take you much time. Habari’s spam prevention plugins also belong to its benefits. All in all, Habari is an excellent tool for today’s blogosphere.

So, if Habari is what you need, then you may migrate from your current platform to Habari in a few minutes with CMS2CMS migration service.

You own a site built on HTML and looking for ways to convert it into a CMS? This will allow you make your site management much simpler and less time-consuming, plus will provide endless flexibility. Imagine - you’ll be able to easily change the site looks by setting up a new theme. Posting new content will be a matter of a few moments thanks to the WYSIWYG editor built in into most of CMS platforms.

All in all, the only question remains open: how to convert your site on HTML to CMS? Well, look no further! CMS2CMS is the only tool that can handle this job totally automatedly - with ease and at a great speed - and you don’t need any coding skills to complete your migration!

ImpressCMS is an easy-to-use content management system which was founded in 2008. You may use this platform for different types of websites (big and small). ImpressCMS is totally modularized which means that you have to install the module in accordance to your needs. There are many such modules, for example: news, forum or even photo album modules. By the way, all the information you have on your platform is well protected because of ImpressCMS strong security system.

If this platform sounds perfect for you, then migrate from your website to ImpressCMS with the help of CMS2CMS. This tool will move your data to ImpressCMS in the blink of an eye.


Migrate from IP.Board: 3.x

Flash-light operation and modern design are the right definitions for IP.Board forum software. This innovative development of Invision Power Services is a great solution both for business discussion and friendly time organization. It doesn’t matter whether you are the professional webmaster or a forum freshman, IP.Board comprises the features abundance together with the functions simplicity. The distinguished feature of this forum platform is the search box in the admin control panel that simplifies your forum management. You will be provided with several levels of permissions for forum users. IP.Board optimizes the organisation process and saves a lot of your time.

Migrate to IP.Board forum software and you will feel the freedom of website running. Do not be apprehensive of the losses - with CMS2CMS online service, your migration will be safe, easy and incredibly fast. Follow this migration guide to find out all the information on your website migration.

Joomla K2

Migrate to Joomla K2: all
Migrate from Joomla K2: all

Joomla K2 is a Joomla component designed for enhanced content management opportunities. It provides everything that you need to enable user comments and integrate them with captchas. Also, you can tag your articles for better structure and adding images, videos or attachments without any additional plugins. Your site can be extended with user profiles, converted into a media portal and managed much more easier with the help of Joomla K2.

Migrating your content to Joomla K2 is not only totally safe, but also lightning fast and automated with CMS2CMS. With just a few clicks, your website functionality is going to exceed all of your expectations! Follow migration guidance for more information on the conversion.

Joomla Kunena

Migrate to Joomla Kunena: 2.x
Migrate from Joomla Kunena: 2.x

This is often a #1 choice for integrating a forum into Joomla website. Joomla Kunena is a powerful forum component which is a robust blend of functionality and ease of integration and use. It features a big number of available plugins and extensions for adding up more functions to the forum. With a big community of supporters and developers it is constantly enhanced and can take your communication with the users to the whole new level.

In the event you decided to change your current forum software to Joomla Kunena, your data will be moved automatically with the help of CMS2CMS migration service with no risk of loss. Check up forum migration guide in order to find out all the necessary information on your website migration.

Joomla Zoo is a Joomla extension that allows to make your website management straightforward and fast. Intuitive interface, various abilities, user-friendly back-end and front-end editing, a great variety of apps, ability to create the custom content types, it’s all about Joomla Zoo. This powerful content application builder provides you with the simple and comprehensible navigation and nested comment systems with the strong spam protection. Joomla Zoo is the only solution for your website success.

Migrate all your website data from your current CMS to Joomla Zoo with CMS2CMS, and in a few minutes you’ll be able to enjoy your new brand website.


Migrate to Joomla!™: 2.5.x-3.x
Migrate from Joomla!™: 1.5.x-3.x

Joomla!™ is the CMS combining flexibility, functionality and simplicity to satisfy the needs of the most demanding user. Whether you’re an experienced web developer, designer or a newbie, Joomla!™ is catering for you. Due to its extensive community support and rapid pace of development, Joomla never ceases improving, providing its users with more and more effective ways of site management.

CMS2CMS is the way to move your website content to Joomla! or another CMS smoothly, accurately and with no time limit. Follow migration steps for additional info on the migration

Kajona is an open source content management system which was founded in 2004-2005 in order to build different types of web pages. This platform has such as strict separation of content and layouts and also some features of drag and drop features. Kajona supports such languages as English, German, Russian, Portuguese and Bulgarian. By the way, one of the great benefits is its security system.

So, if this platform sounds good to you, then you should definitely migrate from your website to Kajona. CMS2CMS migration service will help you do this very easily and fast.

Kentico is a CMS platform that boasts its ability to build sites, intranets, online stores and Web 2.0 community websites. It’s a great tool that possesses all the features for advanced website management including the excellent build-in editor, versioning, archiving and recycle bin and a great image editor. All the features are developed to maximize the convenience of your website management and minimize your time and efforts spending on the technical issues.

Switch your website from your current CMS platform to Kentico with CMS2CMS. It takes just a few minutes to move all your content entities directly to Kentico precisely and with no losses.

LiveSite CMS is a powerful and versatile online website builder. Generally, users who are comfortable with CMSs in general, can effortlessly customize the website/mobisite design without ringing the bell of a developer. Thanks to its intuitive backend control panel, it is easy to to be online and on mobile in a short time. Besides, LiveSite is great if one plans to include a large amount of text contents and pictures on one’s mobile website (news, blog, etc..).

Searching the way to migrate to LiveSite CMSwithout all the fuss? With CMS2CMS, your conversion is fast and trouble-free. Every piece of your content will be migrated to LiveSite accurately and flawlessly and, what is more, in record time.


Migrate from MediaWiki: 1.1.x

MediaWiki is a powerful free server-based software that easily runs the extensive and complicated websites. This open content designed platform is a user-friendly system that is well suited to operate the huge scale web projects. Its extended functionality will make the process of management simple and inspiring at the same time both for developers and users. A benefit of this platform is page tabs that are displayed at the top of the page and allow to perform actions and review the shifts at the current page. The developers may create user groups and define the level of each user access.

Switch to MediaWiki with CMS2CMS and you feel the freedom of creation without any barriers. This online service will migrate your content to MediaWIki automatically and will preserve every piece of data from your source website. Have look through migration instruction to see how it works.

MiaCMS is a free open source content management system with the help of which people can create different websites. This platform was founded by four Mambo formers in 2008. However MiaCMS was developed after Mambo, it has its own features and differs from Mambo in many ways. To MiaCMS platform content versioning was added and JavaScript architecture was totally rebuilt. The users can easily install it. It is also possible to edit and customise different information. Improved security system keeps users’ data safe which increases the popularity of the platform.

If MiaCMS sounds interesting for you the all you need to is to migrate from your platform to MiaCMS with the help of CMS2CMS migration service. You will be surprised but it will be as easy as pie. So, check out migration guide for additional data on the migration.

Midgard CMS is a free open source content management framework which is used to create different websites. It has been founded mostly by the developers from Baltic region in 1999. The community is totally volunteer-driven. Many people and companies are working together to develop powerful and useful infrastructure. There are many component which Midgard can offer to its users. This platform has lots of advantages. For instance, it is possible for people to have the information everywhere from mobile devices to web server. It also permits to share the data peer-to-peer. It is easy to work with Midgard which makes it popular.

If the platform fits your needs, then it’s time to move your website to Midgard. It will save you many hours and efforts while using CMS2CMS migration service. Follow migration steps for additional info on the migration.

MODX is a free, open source software that was awarded as Most Promising Open Source Content Management System. And it is not for nothing, as the advanced functionality along with the simple website management offer you to bring into the life your dream website. This platform possesses the traditional reliable features along with the innovative and newly developed ones. Plain HTML, standards compliant CSS and graphical web-based installer will complete your content improvement. You will be able to customize the manager on a per-deployment basis. All the content will be definitely obviate from spam with the good security protection. MODX certifies that your website running will be the easiest and the most exciting experience you have ever had.

Want to join the MODX CMS platform to run your website with pleasure and inspiration? CMS2CMS online service will help you to move your content from the current CMS to MODX without any problems after just a 5 minute setup.

Movable Type is a web publishing system that comprises the ease of use and the advanced features for managing content. The extended operation framework enhances its ability to manage a great amount of data at your website or blog. Moreover, you may get the statistics of the most visited objects at your website. There is no need to take pains in sorting and searching for the features extension. Both users and developers can do it easily via the adaptable dashboard that can be organized and centralized for your convenience. This CMS platform is a great solution both for blog and website of any size.

Start your Movable Type site development with CMS2CMS. This is an automated online service that will transfer your content from your current CMS to Movable Type without any nerve wrecking and no time waste. In order to perform your site migration properly, follow this step-by-step migration instruction


Migrate from MyBB: 1.x

One of the most advanced and developed forum packages is MyBB. This is a discussion board that will provide you with the powerful features such as built-in template system, theme editor for aesthetic customization etc. Moreover, you and your users will be able to post threads, comments, send private messages easily. MyBB automatically keeps your forum in great share and facilitates its management. Also, it possesses the extensive plugin and warning systems that will greatly simplify your work.

Switch to MyBB automatedly with CMS2CMS. It moves data directly to this forum software and will save you from all migration hassles. Follow this migration guidance to get all the info on your forum conversion process.

Nucleus CMS is an open source content management system which was founded by Wouter Demuynck in 2001. Its purpose is to help people to create and manage weblogs. Nucleus gives a lot of possibilities for its users. For instance, you can develop and run many blogs and show the content of multiple weblogs on the same page. Then, you have an opportunity to save a draft if you are in a hurry and also to mark an item as a future one in case you want it appear in a certain period of time. You can also ban those who abuse your comments.

Nucleus CMS is a great platform for creating blogs with many positive features. If you want to migrate from your current platform to Nucleus CMS, it is possible to do with CMS2CMS migration service. With this tool you will be able to manage with the migration process incredibly easy and fast. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

ocPortal is an open source content management system developed by Chris Graham in 2004. With the help of this platform it is possible to create and manage different types of websites. Although ocPortal can be called a newcomer into the content management business, it has already many positive features. This platform is entirely free even for commercial uses. It provides you with many possibilities which can save your time and money. For example, there is a great amount of catalogues which have a set of fields such as short text fields, description fields and database fields. You can also upload any format to Photo Galleries which can be converted by the server. The very important thing is that your website content is completely protected from aggressive hack attacks.

If this content management system suits you to a tee, then you can migrate from your current website to ocPortal in a few clicks. CMS2CMS service make this process totally automated, easy and fast. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.


Migrate from Orchard: orchard.png

The newly developed Orchard CMS is the right tool for your website management. This platform is the fusion of flexibility and management simplicity at the same time. The distinctive feature of Orchard CMS is the comment field that may be applied to pages, blog posts, images and products. You’ll be provided with the intuitive dashboard that will make your web page the figure of admiration.

Switch to Orchard software with CMS2CMS automated migration service. Only a few easy steps - and your web page will get the new breath for successful development. Check up this migration guidance to make your switch simple and precise.

papaya CMS is a free open source content management system (CMS) and content management framework (CMF). There are many advantages in working with this system: easy installing, possibility to extend this platform by using plugin system, opportunity to use it as a framework for creating applications. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, papaya CMS supports it as well as many other. This CMS is a perfect choice for business websites.

If all these features fit your needs, then migrate from your current website to papaya CMS. Instead of copying and pasting the content manually, you can use CMS2CMS migration service which will really simplify this process and perform it in a few minutes and no efforts at all. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

Phire CMS is an open source content management system founded by Nick Sagona in 2009. Its aim is to help people create and manage any type of website - a blog, simple static website or complicated intranet. Phire CMS supports about 12 languages, and well-known video engine sites - YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler. It provides you with different extensions and plugins.

If you are interested in transferring your current website to Phire CMS, the CMS2CMS migration service is ready to help you. In a few mouse clicks everything will be successfully completed. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

PHP-Fusion is an open source content management system founded by Nick Jones in 2003. The aim is to help the developers create and run different types of website. As its user, you will be provided with a discussion forum, photo galleries, post news and articles, member registration, downloads, polls, shoutbox, rating, comments and many others. PHP-Fusion is easy to setup, manage and customise. There is also an possibility to expand the standard packages with so-called “infusions”. You can easily upload and manage them. PHP-Fusion technical support is ready to help you 24/7 with any problem you have.

In case you are interested in moving your website to PHP-Fusion, then CMS2CMS migration service is very useful tool to do it. In a few mouth clicks your migration will be already done. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

If you want to attract more visitors to your website, PHP-Nuke makes this matter common. This CMS software offers you the essential site management features that will make your online creation the place of total gathering. PHP-Nuke has built-in encyclopedia that will make your site a useful resource for everyone. With this platform, your website visitors might easily interact with each other and participate in the virtual community life. This content management tool is well-organized for the information purposes, basically for news related articles.

If you want to make the first step of PHP-Nuke switching, migrate your content from your current CMS automatedly with CMS2CMS online service. This tool takes only 15 minutes on average to move your data precisely.To make your site migration flawless and swift, follow this stage-by-stage conversion guidance.


Migrate to phpBB: 3.x
Migrate from phpBB: 2.x, 3.x

If you want to involve people into interaction, PhpBB Internet forum package is certainly for you. A huge variety of features, such as posting, attachments, categories etc. will make your work management a simple as well as pleasant pastime. Anti-spam system will protect all your posts and comments, PhpBB plugins will easily connect you to other applications. Moreover, you will never miss any events and activities on your board with the effective notification option. Also, you have an opportunity to try the demo version board and estimate all the benefits of running a forum with PhpBB.

CMS2CMS online migration service will help you to feel all the advantages of PhpBB. It will import all your data from your current forum builder to PhpBB without any efforts and the process will last a few moments only. Check up migration guide for forum platforms to find out more info on how to move your site properly.

phpWebSite is a free open source content management system provided by Electronic Student Services at Appalachian State University. This platform was written in PHP and released under the LGPL. The aim of this system is to help people to develop and manage any type of website. phpWebSite is easy to install thanks to its one-click Elefante Installer. It’s not necessary to have additional knowledge or skills to manage the website. phpWebSite provides developers with many modules, for instance: access - lets the administrators create URL cutoffs to sections of content; file cabinet - images, documents and media can be kept there; notes - users can send messages to each other; calendar - you can create public and private events and others.

If this site is what you need, then you can transfer your website to phpWebSite. CMS2CMS migration service will do everything for you. Your content will be moved to the new site in a blink of an eye. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

Pimcore is an open source content management system and content management framework written in PHP and based on Zend Framework. It’s used for managing digital assets, web content and structured content. Pimcore can handle many different and difficult tasks in spite of being a rather young content management platform. To work with this system means that one should have deep knowledge of code and scripts writing. But it is not a problem for those who don’t mind to write code, and who have the desire to know all the shades and hints of Pimcore.

If this platform is what you need then it is time for you to move your website to Pimcore. CMS2CMS migration tool will make the migration easy and fast. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

PivotX is an open source blog software distributed under the GPL license and written in PHP. Though it is a blog-building tool, it also can be used to run more complex websites. With this platform you are able to maintain multiple weblogs and separate web pages. Managing multiple weblogs requires only one installation. You can modify each blog, for example, it is possible to keep weblogs with different languages and themes. You don’t have to download or activate extra things to protect your content from spammers because PivotX has built-in anti-spamming measurements.

If this platform sounds good for you then you can move your current website to PivotX. With CMS2CMS migration service it will take you only a few clicks of mouse. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

Pixie is an open source web application written in PHP and based on MySQL. It was developed by Scott Evans in 2008. Although it belongs to the category of content management systems, it is called “small, simple site maker”. Pixie has many advantages which make it appealing to people. This platform is easy to use because its clean intuitive interface. It is also simple to install due to its three step installer. Moreover, this installer offers you many options for the type of site you are looking for, for example, it might be a blog or a brand website. The fact that your content is protected from any kind of spams makes this platform more attractive to its users.

Don’t hesitate any longer and migrate from your current website to Pixie. You can make this process easy and incredibly fast with CMS2CMS migration service. Only in a few mouse clicks you will enjoy your current site content on Pixie. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

Pligg is a website management tool that enables to create an extended web page. But what makes it more significant in contrast to other CMS? Pligg allows to extend a website into a community network. You may control and assign different levels of member access and create user groups. Pligg offers to manage user personal profiles with the ability to send private messages, add avatars and make friends. What’s more, smart template system, multi language installations, simple upgrading ability do not end the list of Pligg offers.

Decided on switching to Pligg? CMS2CMS will migrate your content to Pligg in a blink of an eye! Make sure that your website data will be moved to you new Pligg CMS without any efforts and extra time spending. Look through this migration tutorial to make the switching fast and accurate.

If you want to create your own groupware that will help you and your website users to achieve desirable goals, Plone CMS platform will be a good solution to optimize any type of your web project management whether it is a website, intranets or even document publishing tool. A great variety of the available plugins and addons will open you the new opportunities to organize your work rationally and logically. User friendly Plone is the convenient tool for your flexible and extensible website running.

Move to Plone CMS platform with CMS2CMS automated migration service. With this tool, you will be just a few minutes away from start your Plone workflow successful management. Make sure that with CMS2CMS the process of data importing is a matter of no efforts and minimum time spending.

Pluck is an open source content management system that comprises all the features to create the blogs or even full of value websites. The main advantages of this modern CMS software are the ability to create unlimited amount of the pages, photo and image albums for your website visitors and what’s more, Pluck as your site basis will include a contact form in your pages. The sensible interface and authentic module and theme systems will support your successful site development.

You’re considering Pluck migration? CMS2CMS will help you to move your website data in a few minutes. All your website content will be carefully transformed from your current CMS to Pluck automatically, so that you can forget about any migration hassle.

ProcessWire is an open source content management system (CMS) and content management framework (CMF) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License. It was developed under the name Dictator CMS by Ryan Cramer in 2003. In 2007 it was established as ProcessWire. This platform suits for creating and running corporate, institutional and educational web sites and web applications. ProcessWire is famous for its fixed idea to simplify everything. That is why, this platform is easy-to-use, it has simple updating, installation and usage process.

So, if this platform sounds good for you then it is possible to migrate your current content to ProcessWire. With CMS2CMS automated website migration service, the conversion will be over in a few mouse clicks. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

If your are thinking about the flexible and multifunctional content management system for your website, check up RavenNuke CMS software. Basically, it’s developed for business and community purposes. RavenNuke CMS has many advantages, which make it appealing to make your web project management simple and engaging. First of all, this platform is easy to use and simple to install due to its intuitive interface. Moreover, this CMS platform offers you many options to create a website you are looking for. Another advantage is that it provides advanced support and multiple opportunities to extend.

As you can see, RavenNuke CMS is a platform with many positive features. If you want to migrate from your current platform to RavenNuke CMS, then it is possible to do convert all your content with CMS2CMS migration service. With this tool you will be able to manage the migration process incredibly easy and fast. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

Serendipity is a CMS mainly dedicated for development of weblogs and online diaries, main feature of which is countless customization options via large set of plugins and templates available. Advanced users appreciate Serendipity for fast, clean PHP code, flexibility, endless possibilities to make complex modifications, outstanding support and documentation.

And now, with the power of CMS2CMS, it is possible and easier than ever to try your content within this robust content management system. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

SilverStripe CMS is an optimum solution for the website where you can build a well-designed page with your master touch. The extended features of this platform will definitely meet the demands of everyone, whether you are a simple site runner or advanced developer. SilverStripe enhances all the features for prosperous website running, just check out these benefits: drag-and-drop tree-based navigation structure, quick video embedding, the ability to customize and integrate to other platform, and many others.

If you’d like to switch to SilverStripe and express your artistic talent much easier than with other CMS, migrate your content automatedly. CMS2CMS online service will move your database from your current platform to SilverStripe extremely quickly and safely. To get started with your site conversion, follow this comprehensive migration instruction.

Simple: Press is the forum plugin designed for WordPress. It is fully integrated into your website, with all the user registrations and login details. Suitable for multisite installations and with extensive localisation options, it is a viable solution for anyone willing to have a forum at their site. Whether it’s a small private forum, or a huge public area, Simple:Press will work out great. It possesses all of the features needed for a forum and even more.

Transferring your data to Simple:Press is most accurate and effortless with CMS2CMS. All the information is moved automatically in a few moments, saving you time for other tasks. Read this migration instruction to get more info on how to migrate your forum diligently.

Sitecore is the CMS platform of huge possibilities. Its extended functionality allows to create enterprise websites, intranets, portals and other complex web projects. A world-class end-users interface provides you with the simple and plain website management. As the practice showed, Sitecore is totally dedicated to meet all the users requirements.

Switch your website to Sitecore with CMS2CMS! This automated service will ensure you the fastest data conversion possible and you’ll start managing your new brand website in just a few minutes.

Sitefinity CMS platform gives you the great opportunity to create an authentic and professional website easily. You’ll be able to create both multiple sites as well as microsites that will be operated through the centralized interface. The peculiar feature of this CMS software is the user friendly manager that greatly simplifies the content creation. You may easily improve your website with the variety of widgets and other extensions.

If you run your website on the other CMS, move your content to Sitefinity with CMS2CMS, with no efforts and time wasting - safely and fast!


Migrate to SMF: 2.x
Migrate from SMF: 2.x

Simple Machines Forum is a free software package that allows you to create an advanced and powerful forum. Straightforward installation, ease of use, custom made templates, all these are the major features of SMF. Moreover, there’s a great opportunity to create the connection between your forum and website with the help of SSI - Server Side Includes, the feature that allows your forum and site interact with each other.

Would you like to try your new forum on Simple Machines Forum right now? Let CMS2CMS migrate your current bulletin board content directly to SMF in a few simple steps. Read this migration instruction to find out all the migration steps from one place.

SPIP is a reliable continuously developing free content management system, designed primarily to build multi-user applications. Achieving a complex look for your articles within SPIP can be as easy as composing an email, once you got hang of its easy, straightforward to understand HTML-like pseudo-tags. Being SEO-friendly, this system allows to create clean URLs in both automatic and manual mode. Reliability and high security level of SIPID is proven by the fact that all embassies of France use this CMS.

If you are eager to try SPIP, convert your current website to this platform using CMS2CMS. It is the fastest and easiest way on the planet. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

SquareSpace web publishing service is a place where the site miracle happens. This platform provides you with a great variety of the designed templates as well as the diversity of features. With LayoutEngine you may easily update the content of your pages. Plus, as the owner of the SquareSpace platform, you can customise its look by using the colour palette, fonts and layouts. Your SquareSpace blog will provide you with the responsive design, it means that there won’t be any deformations in the template when you look through the site on the mobile. With SquareSpace all your ideas will be put into life.

So, if you are thinking about the migration from your current web publishing platform to SquareSpace, CMS2CMS will help with this process totally. The automated online service imports the website data perfectly and without any errors. Forget about the copy/pasting, migrate with CMS2CMS in a few moments! Follow migration guide to get all the migration tips from one place.

Textpattern is an open source content management system often used as a tool for weblogs development, however its aim is to be a general purpose tool. This CMS is written using PHP and MySQL for database backend.

Textpattern gives its users unlimited control over the markup and styles and has intuitive ways of editing your content. High security level of this CMS is achieved via constant preliminary testing of each new version by developers and community, which proves stability and reliability. Textpattern offers a number of useful features such as Textile, a text-to-HTML converter which allows to design articles without knowledge of HTML; tag-based templating system which allows to create blocks of content and code and use it over and over again, hierarchy privilege system, commenting system that prevents spam etc.

Now you are able to effortlessly switch your current CMS to Textpattern using CMS2CMS. The process is fully automated and requires minimum of technical skills. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is feature-packed, tightly integrated, multilingual content management system. This CMS has very large community and allows to build any type of internet applications like web portals, knowledge bases, intranets, forums, newsletters, blogs. Developers claim that this multipurpose system alone can replace several different application.

With CMS2CMS, migration to this extremely functional CMS will be seamless and will take no efforts from your side. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

Tribiq CMS is an open source multilingual platform for creating custom websites and online applications. Tribiq allow users to create beautiful templates using built-in 960 Grid System. And interface designing tool called Gridmaker gives you an ability to create sophisticated user interfaces using different combinations of columns and slots which you can also export to Photoshop for further editing. Limitless functionality of this tool also makes it easy to layout mobile-friendly websites.

Try switching to this Tribiq platform with CMS2CMS. We guarantee it is a wonderful and effortless experience. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.

The microblogging platform and social networking website Tumblr will definitely surprise you. The well-designed themes and the useful features will be a great framework for your blog page. Whoever you are, a beginner or a professional website owner, you will be satisfied with the user friendly platform and the highly developed functionality. You will really enjoy the latest updates that just simplify the process of the running blog.

With CMS2CMS, you may easily switch to You will be offered the best service to migrate your current data. The automated system will carefully transport all of the content from your previous blog service to the new one in no time at all! Check up migration guidance for more information on the migration.

TypePad is a blogging service that offers contemporary and developed features to “share your passions with the world”. You will be able to publish your posts easily and quickly via a computer, mobile or other devices. Also, you may integrate your blog with Google Analytics to attract even more traffic. Moreover, it’s possible to use Theme Builder for your own weblog design.

So, you are ready to move your content from your current blogging tool to TypePad right away? CMS2CMS will make your data transfer fast and precise in few simple steps.


Migrate to TYPO3: 3.4-4.6
Migrate from TYPO3: 3.4-4.6

TYPO3 is as an enterprise CMS which can also be used as a web application framework. It combines flexible access-level permission system that is a great feature for complex sites with user generated content. TYPO3 also caters well for multilingual sites and allows having one database for several websites.

Moving to TYPO3 CMS is now possible in just a few minutes and totally automatedly using CMS2CMS migration service, saving your time and efforts. Follow migration guide for additional info on the migration

Chasing the worldwide recognition of your website? Umbraco CMS offers you a great opportunity to reach the web project level of the leading global companies. Take a chance to get the access to the hundreds of free add-on modules and online training library that will greatly simplify you website management. Moreover, Umbraco developers will be your constant support in case you need help with any aspects of your site.

If you want to move your website content from your current CMS platform to Umbraco, CMS2CMS online migration service will take control of your accurate and fast website data migration. You’ll feel the freedom of the effortless website migration in just a few simple steps.


Migrate to vBulletin: 4.x
Migrate from vBulletin: 4.x

vBulletin forum software is one of the most optimal solutions for your website promotion. The effective features including templates, drag-and-drop configurations, in-line site editing and the modern improvements of this website builder will make your web project an accomplished addition to your work or free-time management. You will be fully satisfied with the dynamic tools for the content discovery, expanded media capabilities, streamlined interface and mobile optimization. vBulletin is a perfect solution while speaking about the ease of use and functionality.

CMS2CMS will migrate your data from your current forum software to vBulletin smoothly and without efforts. You will be surprised with the high speed and quality of the migration process. Look through this migration guidance in order to migrate your website correctly.

Your wish is to develop a successful website of a big promise? WiX will totally support all your undertakings. In contrast to other web page-builders, WiX provides you with a huge scope of the framework which helps you to enrich the website content. The designer-made templates and the drag-and-drop website platform will make the process of the site creation your favourite pastime. Top grade hosting, innovative Apps, a huge list of features - almost everything is for free! WiX website-builder will definitely materialize all your ideas!

You have come to a decision to migrate to WiX? With CMS2CMS, all the pages of your website will be imported automatically and extremely fast. This online service guarantees that all your static website content will be perfectly saved with no time loss. Follow this stage-by-stage migration guide to get all the necessary info to migrate your website properly.

Wolf CMS is PHP based open source platform released under GNU license. It has very simple yet powerful, straightforward user interface and powerful custom templating and scripting possibilities. The CMS features drag and drop functionality for page ordering, flexible customization of page layout (including ability to have layout inheritance) and very nifty reusable snippets feature. Also this CMS can be run on any web server available and can use MySQL, SQLite or PostgreSQL as a database backend.

And now it is easier than ever to convert your existing website to Wolf CMS using CMS2CMS. You should check how easy it is right now. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.


Migrate to WordPress: 4.0
Migrate from WordPress: 1.5-4.x

WordPress is now one of the most preferred CMS solutions on the web. It’s user friendly interface together with the numerous customization opportunities make it attractive for all kinds of users. It provides vast possibilities for creating any type of websites from small blogs to extensive news portals or company sites. WordPress is a fantastic combo of advanced functionality and ease of use. With its plugin architecture you are able to extend your site way beyond the limits of its basic options with no troubles.

So, if you are keen on switching to WordPress, CMS2CMS online service lets you migrate your website data effortlessly and quickly. Check out migration guide for additional data on the migration. is an online service, the hosted version of WordPress, and a modern content management system, which comprises the user friendly functions and the great opportunities to extend the blog popularity and even create the prosperous virtual store. This online system allows you to get your own blog or a website easily. You don’t have to pay for hosting or manage a web server. Just register your account and start creating. Moreover, there are hundreds of themes and useful plugins at your disposal . The created web-project requires only your creativity and imagination. Be sure that this simple and convenient platform is easily operated. Just sign on and break fresh ground!

CMS2CMS helps you migrate your data from your current platform to WordPress accurately and without losses. Just try the chance to promote your web project and get more successful. Read this migration guide to find out all the necessary info on your website migration.

Xaraya is extensible content management systems written in PHP released under GNU GPL license. This system features easy installation process, modular caching architecture, multilingual user interface. Wide customization possibilities are available due to custom developed templating system called BlockLayout, this system allows customization of each aspect of website built with Xaraya. BlockLayout dictates strict separation of layout and code. The Xaraya`s templates are written in XML.

Try switching your current CMS to Xaraya right now. You can migrate your content easily using CMS2CMS, give it a try right now. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.


Migrate to XOOPS CMS: 2.x
Migrate from XOOPS CMS: 2.x

XOOPS CMS is an open source content management system famous for its modular structure and web framework features that make it suitable both for personal blogs and corporate sites with multi level permission system. XOOPS provides great support not only for English-speaking users but also for those using a variety of other languages. With just a little experience, even non-tech savvy users will easily find their way in the backend thanks to its intuitive design and a shallow learning curve.

Migration to XOOPS CMS is now a piece of cake thanks to CMS2CMS migration service, which will take care of the hassle and make your migration effortless and fast! Read migration guide to get more instructions on your accurate and flawless website migration.

Zikula is a free open source CMS and web application framework that allows creating of web application of any complexity. The main feature of this platform is ability to provide consistent user experience even when website has large amount of traffic.User of this platform can customize appearance of website through themes with support of CSS, JavaScript and Flash technology.

You are welcome to try converting content from CMS you are using now to Zikula. CMS2CMS made it really easy and effortless process. Follow this migration guide for additional info on the migration.