Tumblr to WordPress Migration

Tumblr to WordPress migration

You wanna get more out of your blog and decided to move it from Tumblr to WordPress? Do it with CMS2CMS - and your posts, images, categories etc will be transferred to WordPress very fast and easily. You don’t have to worry about copy/pasting the content or losing any of your data. And you also don’t need any programming skills for this task - just type in the URLs of your Tumblr and WordPress sites - and see how smoothly your data will be moved before you drink up your beverage. Still not sure? Then set up a cost-free Demo migration and check out how your Tumblr data will look like in the WordPress interface in just a few moments.

How It Works

How it works

What I Can Migrate?

PagesStatic website content e.g. About us pageSupported
PostsCategorised content - articles, blog posts: (title, textual content)Supported
TagsTags corresponding to certain posts of the source websiteSupported
UsersInformation about each user, e.g. Email, Login, First Name, Last NameSupported

Notes (migration to WordPress )

Tags from Drupal migrate as categories

Additional options

Clear current data on New Site before Migration (FREE)?This option deletes all data from your new site (posts/articles, categories, tags, comments, users, images) and is helpful to clear the test data.
Note. This action cannot be recovered, so please backup your website before deleting all current data.
Fix broken relationships in the database (FREE)?This means the problems with connecting elements in your database will be resolved after migration.Supported

Estimate Your Own Migration Price

from to
I want to migrate

Migration Price: $29
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*Note, some migration options are available only for certain platforms
The price of the full migration may change according to the number of entities


Watch step-by-step video tutorial on how to perform data migration with CMS2CMS and just in five minutes you will be ready to complete full data transfer from Tumblr to WordPress

Save your Time and Efforts for Migration!

All-in-One Migration Service

All-in-One Migration Service

Your migration needs customizations or you just don’t have time to manage it on your own? Get All-in-One Migration Service and permit CMS2CMS technicians take care of the transfer for you!
Select a suitable Support Service Package and your data will be moved according to your specifications, saving your time and efforts.

Get Support Package
Migration Setup Assistance — FREE

Migration Setup Assistance — FREE

Get help with establishing the connection between your websites - one of the migration steps. Merely provide your websites’ FTP credentials and CMS2CMS techs will install the connection bridge on both of your sites at no cost at all.
We guarantee 100% safety to your confidential data.

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What People Say?

The support staff went WAY above and beyond what was required to make sure everything was working with my new forum. Can recommend the service highly enough.
Dan lemongrovecyprus.com
I had over 2,000 posts and 13,000 users in a Drupal website that I successfully migrated to Wordpress. It was so simple and easy. I did not need any assistance. Well done! You guys offer a great service. Thank you!
Emanuel Sferios october2011.org
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