Assisted Migration Service

Assisted Migration Service

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What is Assisted Migration Service

Assisted Migration Service is a professional migration setup provided by CMS2CMS Support Team to make your migration experience even less resource-consuming.

It’s beneficial because:

  • it saves your time
  • it eliminates migration risks
  • it ensures data safety

What’s included:

  • migration of website content, categories, users, images, comments and tags
  • Demo Migration of 10 content pages (with all related entities)
  • uploading the necessary files via FTP
  • migration wizard configuration

What’s not included:

  • customization Service
  • fixing issues which are not caused by service functionality
  • migration of non-standard entities (reviews, testimonials, news, SEO data etc.)
  • website design migration (styles, templates, etc.)

What You Pay For

The cost of Assisted Migration Service does not include the price for website content migration itself. If you order Assisted Service, the final price you need to pay will be the sum of the following two costs:

  • The cost of your website content migration (it depends on the quantity of items you want to migrate and can be calculated using the Migration Estimator).
  • The cost of Assisted Migration Service (depending on the type of service you choose)

The prices of Assisted Migration service differ based on the urgency and the options included:

Basic Assisted Service

FREE $59

  • migration setup only
  • response period 3 business days

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Standard Assisted Service


  • migration setup + necessary plugin installation*
  • response period 3 business days

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Premium Assisted Service


  • migration setup + necessary plugin installation*
  • response period 1 business day

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CMS2CMS Assisted Migration Service is non-refundable.

*Necessary plugin installation – applicable in case of migration plugin data to the Target site (i.e. forum plugin). Prior to migration, it is necessary to install the corresponding plugin on the Target website where the data will be migrated.

What’s the Procedure?

For the Assisted Migration you need:

  • Your Source and Target CMS platforms installed and available online
  • FTP access details to both your Source and Target website.

Submit a Assisted Migration Service request.

Assisted Migration Service is not provided automatically. You need to fill in the Assisted Migration Service request form. Double-check the provided details to avoid any mistakes. Make sure that FTP accounts you specify have the permission to upload new files.


CMS2CMS technical engineers set up your Demo Migration.

You will receive an e-mail notification about the results when the migration is completed and be able to check the Migration results on your Target website.


Complete your Migration with 1 mouse click.

All is set for you to proceed with your Full Migration. Just log in to your account and press “Run Migration” button (make sure you’ve got enough funds on your account). Your brand new website will be on its way!

How Much Time it Takes?

The period needed for migration depends on the type of Assisted Migration Service. There are 2 options available:

Premium Assisted Service. The guaranteed response period after confirming the accuracy of access information is 24 hours. The actual response period may vary depending on the number of requests at any point of time.

NOTE. Assisted Migration ordered during the weekend or holiday time will be executed on the first working day after day off.

Basic and Standard Assisted Service – provided within 3 business days after confirming the accuracy of access information.

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