WordPress vs Joomla 2013 [Infographic]

WordPress vs Joomla 2013 [Infographic]

WordPress vs Joomla – the story is almost 10 years old, which is quite ancient if related to Internet sphere. The pace of development is measured in weeks or sometimes even days, so WordPress and Joomla can be called veterans of the web market. These biggest content management systems power practically the whole CMS industry (along with Drupal which is another popular choice).

Why are WordPress and Joomla so Popular?

The secret of their popularity is definitely not the time elapsed since the launch. There are numerous CMS platforms which date back to the end of the XXth century and aren’t anywhere near in the number of users. WordPress and Joomla are both very good at providing their followers with a way to get their own Home on the Net. Additionally, they cut down on the time for learning.

This infographics from Red Giant Design presents the latest data on the key features of WordPress and Joomla, such as: technical characteristics, extensions, learning curve, support etc.


Making the right choice between WordPress and Joomla is a tough one. The comparison can hardly be objective in general, since both platforms are different. Each of them excels in its niche and has certain downsides. To make the final decision, it’s strongly recommended to try out both CMSs. Since they’re free, it’s not so hard to do.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/alihadith Alihadith Tua

    Great Article. Thumbs Up!

    • christina_sarabun

      Thanks, Alihadith!

  • Webdongle

    Joomla does not require components to provide good seo. The built in Joomla seo works well.

    • christina_sarabun

      That’s a good point, Webdongle. Probably, what is mean is that SEO components can enhance the results, but they’re not necessary.

  • Potion

    The “better for bigger, more complex websites” claim for Joomla! is, in my opinion, no longer valid. I’m a developer and use WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and, for more specific web applications, CodeIgniter. While Drupal and Joomla! have a fairly rigid approach, WordPress has a kind-of free-form approach to developing custom functionality. The purists will baulk (I did!), but this is more than compensated for by its robustness, extensive and excellent documentation and resources, the sheer quantity and quality of themes and plugins, and specialist customizations like the recently popularized WordPress ‘app-theme’, which allows me to design, develop and deploy websites in a fraction of the time. Not too long ago I’d have recommended WordPress only for a basic “five-pager and a blog”, and now I am using it as a development framework.

    • christina_sarabun

      It is a very good recommendation for WordPress from a professional. Thanks for sharing, Potion.

  • WPDevSnippets

    I believe, learning curve should also be emphasised. WordPress get advantage on that. It is a lot easy to learn for both developers and end users.
    Very nice sum up!

    • christina_sarabun

      I agree that WordPress learning curve is one of it’s major strengths. Thanks for mentioning!

  • Tajb

    I love both but it can’t be argued that Joomla is a more ‘powerful’ CMS. Admitedly alot of its functions can be added to WordPress with 3rd party plugins but I just feel that because of that same ‘free-form approach to developing custom functionality’ WordPress has this ‘hacked’ feel in creating bigger sites.

    • Tajb

      Sorry.. that was ment as a reply to Potions post below (“,)

  • Alto

    OK, so let’s let this go by the way of the dodo bird and stop comparing WordPress to something else that is defined as a CMS. WordPress is NOT in the same class as Joomla or Drupal and to make a comparison to these systems is like comparing a VW bug to a Ferrari! By definition WordPress could be considered a CMS and therefor by definition Joomla and Drupal should be classified as a WCMS (web content management system). So in your comparison if you really want to compare WordPress to these other platforms then you also have to include some other parameters. Such as User access control, nested category control, asset management, file management, contact management, user management, syndication and newsfeed management, portability to other uses.

    See how WordPress answers some of these questions and you will rethink the idea that it can somehow win against these other two (True) examples of a CMS!

    • christina_sarabun

      Thanks, Alto! I will take your recommendations into consideration.

  • http://www.pugliashoponline.com/ Pugliashoponline.com

    Can anybody tell me the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com. From what I can gather wordpress.com gives you less scope and freedom than .org?? I am looking to start a small content based site, which could need ecommerce in the near future. Already have my domain name, the site will be simple but I still want it to look professional and have the ability to expand in the future.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

  • Shinobue

    Do both allow you to upload your own webpage template and use that instead of their layouts? I’ve essentially made my own website, but want it to be easily editable by less HTML savy admins. We haven’t chosen a host yet either, but we need it to have a .ch domain. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for the great comparison graphic!

    • christina_sarabun

      Thanks for asking, Shinobue. Yes, both WordPress and Joomla allow creating your own templates, so this won’t be a problem at all.

  • http://www.zoomver.com/ Rohit Agarwal

    Joomla needs more time to setup….. wordpress rocks!!

  • http://twitter.com/Alemanista Alemanista

    I think there is something important missing: What happens with websites with a medium content (100-200 pages), but the need of a big forum behind? Anything like Kunena in the WordPress universe?
    Thanks fo the article!

    • christina_sarabun

      This is a very sensible mention. We’ll address this in the future posts. Thanks for your suggestion, Alemanista!

  • kostas

    WordPress hands down for me. Fast reliable, so many good themes, countless plugins, viral community. I have built small scale websites, large ones with all the features i wanted with no problem at all. There is a reason WordPress taking the lead.

    • christina_sarabun

      Thanks for sharing, Kostas!

  • http://twitter.com/bbbrianmartin Brian Martin

    I really like Joomla but curious about WordPress and was thinking about learning to expand my skillset

    • christina_sarabun

      Hi Brian,

      Since WordPress is free, I believe you can easily set out to learning it.

      Good luck!

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