Key features of CMS migration with CMS2CMS

CMS2CMS Features

Want to move all of your website content at once to your new CMS? With CMS2CMS it’s never been easier!

See what’s in for you:

Content Migration

You can easily move your website data to a new CMS:

  • import posts
  • import static content

Category Migration

You will not need to create categories to which your content should be migrated and spend. CMS2CMS will save your time and efforts by doing the following automatically:

  • importing categories
  • preserving categories/content relations
  • preserving tags

Users Migration

If you’ve got multiple users at your website, you’ll be able to move their data keeping their details:

  • emails
  • usernames
  • user rights

Images Migration

Your content will be transferred to the new website along with

  • images included in the posts’ body
All of the URLs that connect elements inside your website will be live after the migration. CMS2CMS does the following:

  • Internal links migration
  • SEO URLs rebuilding according to the rules of the target site.

Comments Migration

  • comments for every post,
  • preserved author name, email, submit date

Tags Migration

  • all tags of the source website
  • preserved tags for every post

No more copy/pasting or complicated data extraction!

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