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I used CMS2CMS to migrate our club site from Drupal to WordPress. It was great! Very simple, thorough, and easy to understand. Something on our Drupal site tripped up the automated migration, but the CMS2CMS tech staff stepped in and had the migration completed in less than 24 hours. I can recommend CMS2CMS wholeheartedly!


We successfully migrated our data from a Drupal 6 to WP4 site using CMS2CMS. We had 1100+ users and hundreds of pages. We also had custom fields. We tried the free demo and liked it but our needs were a bit more complex so we opted for the customised migration package. We were assigned an account manager so we only had one person to deal. We were very professionally handled and found the whole experience to be seamless and painless. We knew there would be some cleaning up required once the data was imported but this was minimal enough. We are delighted with the work and would happily recommend CMS2CMS to anyone thinking of making the leap to WP from Drupal. We are a small company and find the WP platform much easier to maintain.

It is a great work that these comrades made in migration terms they are the best, if you ever need help do not hesitate to work with them, they will not stop until everything is as it should be. Thanks!

CMS2CMS helped immensely in the process of migrating a large amount of data from one website to another which I was building for a client. They worked with me to figure out any nuances that arose, and were quick to work with me during the process. I would highly recommend CMS2CMS and their services


Migrating a pretty complex, messed up TYPO3 database to WordPress was a breeze. Awesome!


CMS2CMS es un servicio asombroso, ayuda a nuestra agencia a ahorrar tiempo valioso dejando el trabajo tedioso de este tipo de migraciones a una aplicación que nunca nos ha fallado.

Belmar Santanilla Gutié

I love this service. It is simple to migrate content from one platform to another and it is quick. The team provide the best support and are happy to accommodate more complex requests. As a developer I have used CMS2CMS a number of times and it has saved me countless hours of work. It is well worth it.


This migration worked PERFECTLY! and Quickly. Worth the money for sure!

Dan la ocasión de probar la migración en un demo y si funciona tienes la certeza que la migración funcionará. En 1 hora! Recomiendo.


you rock guys!

Migration from outdated Joomla 1.5 web site to a new fresh WP 4.0 responsive site in less than 5 minutes > 300 page posts/pages moved for very small rate. Great job!

Memory Slash

Thanks a lot. This was impressive work! Well done :-)

CMS2CMS did an amazing job migrating a very very old CMS to Wordpress. And they also migrate our large forum. They are quick with customer response which is great and have helped with any issues that I saw. Highly recommend them if you need CMS migration service.


I asked CMS2CMS team to convert the website content from to my new site It was rather unusual switch, because my old site included the functions of shopping cart, but thanks to CMS2CMS and their support team everything was done to the fine fashion and best quality. Many thanks! I recommend this service everyone!

Thank you!

The support staff went WAY above and beyond what was required to make sure everything was working with my new forum. Can recommend the service highly enough.

This was an amazing experience! In playing around with the Wordpress Migration Demo, I could see just how ineffective some of the structure of my site had been. And how easy it is going to be to re-create the site the way I want it!

I used their services to move a Joomla based website running on 1.x Joomla to the latest WordPress version and their tools captured all of the content and most importantly, moved all 138 members of the old site to the new. This was done in about 10 minutes time, including the time for me to put their “bridge” script on the client’s server. This allowed me to get the conversion done in an amazingly fast way — my client could not be happier. Me, too.


Never used Joomla, and a friend ask me to migrate her site to Wordpress. IT WAS VERY EASY!!!


Thanks - I'm really enjoying your service and will use it with any client who needs to migrate. Currently I have many clients moving from Drupal to WordPress, so keep up the good work there!

Jonathan Schmid

cms2cms has become my salvation. The tool has allowed a few simple steps, thanks to technical support, can wear my drupal website to wordpress in just a moment. Tools, support, care and great price.


I have completed my migration. Thanks. It was fantastic.


Although my Joomla site was quite small, about 40 pages, the thought of cutting and pasting everything over to WordPress and the possibility that I'd mess up had me paying the very meager $19 to move everything over.

What a great move on my part. I didn't realise I'd get all the images as well as the posts.

Just Brilliant! thanks

Awesome service, I've migrated my blog from Drupal 6.x to Wordpress in no time, all magically. I have tried out all the manual database migration mechanisms and all those suck. CMS2CMS rocks!

Thank you very much for the excellent tool.


It seems that the migration did work flawlessly ;) . Thanks for an awesome service!


Thanks a lot to you and to your service! I'll surely use it in future and recommend to my friends!


CMS2CMS is brilliant service! i had problems with migration, but their support helped me a lot and all went well. Enjoying my new site now...
I know many people want to migrate to WP, and this is the best way I have tried so far. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Andrew Schuberth

Terrific! I’ve had my old Joomla site moved to WP in a few minutes and didn’t spend a cent! I have been thinking about it for a while, but it seemed too much mess. The guys at CMS2CMS have made data import for me. Very efficient and useful service. I’m sure it;s got great future!

Brian D

This service is just what I needed to migrate to Wordpress. It saved me hours of work, and its free (with no hidden costs etc.) - incredible! You rock!


Very good service! Quickly and efficiently moved the website from Joomla to WP. Excellent Russian-speaking support!


I moved more than 170 pages to a WP framework very easily. I am very happy with the results, since I saved a lot of time. With this service it's you that decide what to move, such as images or forms, pages or a blog. The redirect service is also a value. The technical support is very responsive and they really give you an answer in a short time.

I cannot recommend this tool enough.
To be able to migrate a site without having worry about moving the content over is a god send.
Best of all it works across platforms, Joomla to Wordpress within a matter of minutes, incredible!


I didn't follow directions right and messed up my migration. CMS2CMS was great and helped me get it all straightened out without any additional charges! It was a bit different because I use WP Multisite but they helped through that additional twist too.


Demo migration joomla 1.5 > Wordpress worked out well. Will proceed with pro version


What can I say, cms2cms did exactly what I was after. The process was simple enough that even I could do it. I had a tech issue with re-migration that a very helpful Junior support manager (Yurii Yewstratow, you saved my bacon!) helped me through with the onsite chat system. I cannot recommend cms2cms enough. they are great!


One of my staff found CMS2CMS while hunting for a solutions to move a client's Joomla site over to Wordpress. As the one paying the bills I appreciated the ability to see in advance what would migrate and when we actually did the migration is was exactly what we'd hoped. All the content moved in a small fraction of the time it would have taken to do it in any other way.

A big hat-tip to the CMS2CMS folks. It was the first time I'd used the service but definitely won't be the last.

Thanks for all the hard work. It saved me countless hours of staff time. :)


The Hippo roller website used Joomla for five years and to implement the major decision to move to Wordpress meant moving hundreds of articles and images from K2. This seemed like a daunting task until we tested cms2cms. BRILLIANT! All the K2 articles with images were kept in place with their SEF's, including categories, tags etc. IT ONLY TOOK MINUTES! WOW! NO HICK-UPS. Definitely worth the $51! THANK YOU.

Pierre le

CMS2CMS has been really professional and really helpful in the way they assisted me for the migration of a website from Drupal to Wordpress.
I am glad I found them, and I will definitely work with them again if I have another Drupal site to move to Wordpress.


Everything worked perfect! As I was migrating a multilingual site, I would have loved to be able to migrate that aspect too, but as I haven't a lot of pages and links to create, it was no problem.
Thanks CMS2CMS Team!


Many thanks to you and your team for another top job


Fast and proper migration. Thank you.


I didn't look forward to migrating the website because it's a pain to do and I was scared i would lose my position in Google for certain keywords.

You guys did a really great job because the migration was perfect :) It was also great that you responded quickly to answers or to keep me up-to-date so I'm really happy about the entire process!

The website runs very well now and I got rid of all my old Joomla trouble so i am very happy! :) Send my regards to your tech team and thank you for the pleasant conversation about the entire process.


Amazing! You guys did a fantastic job. Thank you so much for your efforts! I will definitely use or recommend CMS2CMS again in the future.

Maxwell Ariss

It's really works. Thank you.

I've done the test migration from Joomla to Wordpress and I could not be happier with the results! It even ported over videos connected with the articles, just fabulous. When I get a few technical questions answered and deal with some issues on my side, I AM DEFINITELY coming back to you all to complete the migration. I tried to do this article by article in the past, and it was just too much work. But your process will take away that pain, plus preserve my established links and page ranking. I don't hand out compliments too easily, but you guys are doing a FANTASTIC, HEROIC job. THANK YOU!!!


Absolutely incredible service. I haphazardly deleted parts of my site by mistakenly entering the wrong forum directory prior to conversion. At 3AM(!) an online chat rep told me that not only would she be able to restore a backup but then she'd also re-convert my data... ALL WHILE I SLEPT.

When I woke up the next morning my site was back to normal and my forums were perfectly imported. Best $26 I ever spent.


Your product is amazing! It literally saved me over 40 hours of work. The process was simple and straightforward. The video overview was also very helpful. Extremely high value!


I have used it to migrate from Drupal 6 to Joomla 3 and it worked great!

Will use it for other sites later on!!


Mariana and the techs were amazing. They answered every question promptly and solved every problem impressively fast and thoroughly. I'm extremely happy with my first experience using the CMS2CMS service and am looking forward to an opportunity to do so again. Thanks, everyone!


1000 posts. 13,000 comments.
All done within minutes.

I migrated from Drupal to WordPress, as I always found Drupal unwieldy, despite the capabilities of the software. With WordPress, I feel like I've come home.

Best $75 I've ever spent.


Quite a painless CMS switchover. Thank you, CMS2CMS!


I had over 2,000 posts and 13,000 users in a Drupal website that I successfully migrated to Wordpress. It was so simple and easy. I did not need any assistance. Well done! You guys offer a great service. Thank you!


Your service is fantastic. I had to redesign site made in Drupal, which i
am not familiar with and learning it would take me lots of time.
After couple of days of researching articles and forum topics on the
subject i felt like giving up and then I found link to Your site on support
section of Wordpress site.
When i saw it actually worked, i felt like jumping around the room with joy :)
Easy, straightforward and within a minutes, if someone told me I wouldn't
believe him.


Thank you very very very very very very very very much. You can be sure I'm going to recommend your service

Your service is excellent and I will recommend it to others!


I first thought this was a kind of joke, so much mess for free. Like, are u kidding? But it worked fine, and I was charged NOTHIING at all! Fantastic!!! Perfect service and support.
P.S. Can’t wait to import comments and images!

Eliah James

Thanks to CMS2CMS developers! they did great job creating this service. never seen anything like this before - so easy to use and very professional.

Nathan Edwards

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