vBulletin to phpBB Comparison: Your Best Forum

vBulletin to phpBB Comparison:Your Best Forum

compare-vbulletin-to-phpbbcomparing-vbulletin-to-phpbb-cms2cmsPresently, if you are looking for the advanced and powerful platform to settle your forum on – most probably you will stumble upon a great variety of bulletin boards that it’s hardly possible to choose the one for sure. How to choose the forum platform that will turn your web project into the place of powerful knowledge base and the favourite haunt?

On this subject, we are going to dot all the ‘i’ comparing phpBB to vBulletin.

vBulletin Lifestyle

The Scope of Pros

vbulletin_pros1. Written in PHP using a MySQL database server
It means there are no special requirements in order to make sure that your website database is compatible with vBulletin.
2. Convenient Tagging
In order to make the forum running simple and prosaic, vBulletin possesses the ability to use tags in relation to your posts (similar to the website format). This option allows to check up recent search tags and their frequency.
3. Bundle Software 
Apart from forum management, vBulletin supports the following web project content: website home page, blog, bug tracker, project manager, pictures album manager.
4. Strong Security
vBulletin has the reliable protection and anti-spam system.

The Scope of Cons

vbulletin_cons1. Paid Forum Tool
One of the most crucial things that makes people think twice before choosing vBulletin is the paid piece of software. To start running vBulletin forum, you have to make a purchase.
2. Constant Paid Upgrade Required
With every new version release, you have to upgrade your forum bulletin board and, what’s more, this option is paid as well.
3. No Free Add-Ons
In case you want to get more functionality or enhancements, be ready to come across money issue again – add-ons are available on a paid basis.

phpBB Philosophy


phpbb_pros1. Free & Open Source
phpBB is an absolutely free and open source solution for forum creation that is written on PHP and is compatible with various database engines.
2. Multiple Languages Support
Currently, this forum building tool supports approximately 47 languages.
3. Website Connection Possibility 
The board makes it possible to create the connection between your forum and a website that is running on Drupal, Joomla, or even WordPress.
4. Attached File Option
phpBB users are able to upload various attachments to their posts, topics, and accounts.
5. MODs
You may easily make various modifications (MODs) by yourself or install the existing ones in order to simplify and optimize your forum management.


phpbb_cons1. Content Variety Limits
Unfortunately, with phpBB, your web project is limited to the forum creation only. It’s impossible to add a website or a blog to phpBB core.
2. MODs Complexity
In order to create or even install some modifications on your forum, you should have the strong knowledge of programming and your forum bulletin board itself.
3. Not Very SEO Friendly
Comparing the features of vBulletin to phpBB, the latest provides its users with the poor scope for search engine optimization.

Features vBulletin phpBB
Price $249 – 399 free
Languages 14 47
Message Editing Text Rich Text Editor WYSIWYG
Social Media Integration Facebook Facebook, Twitter, MySpace
Bundle Software

website home page
bug tracker
project manager
picture album manager

Video embedded YouTube video No
Post Editing Format






Tagging built-in plugin installation

Migration Option

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