FAQ: Frequently asked questions on CMS2CMS migration service

General Service Questions

What types of data can I migrate with CMS2CMS?

At the moment, CMS2CMS can migrate the following entities:

  • textual content
  • categories
  • users
  • post images
  • post comments
  • tags
  • attachments

Follow CMS2CMS updates to be notified about the new import options.

I don’t have a new website live yet. Can I try data migration with CMS2CMS?

Yes, absolutely! Even if you don’t have your Target CMS (the one you’d like to migrate to) installed and live, you can still try how easy it is to migrate your data with CMS2CMS

Here’s how it works:

  1. We migrate a part of your current website content to the test CMS you point out as a free Demo Migration for you to check out the service in action.
  2. You get Administrator access credentials to this test website and can check out how it looks in the front- and back-end. (This site is closed for Google and other search engines, so you don’t have to worry about any harm to your existing website.)
  3. The data from the test site is deleted within 7 days after the migration, unless you request it to be removed right away.

Migration with CMS2CMS Preview

How is the price for forum migration calculated?

It depends on the number of posts / users / threads the forum has got. To calculate the cost of migrating your forum content, use Migration Estimator.

Where is my configuration file located?

Here’s where configuration files are located in different CMS platforms:

WordPress (/wp-config.php)
Joomla (/configuration.php)
Drupal (/sites/default/settings.php)
TYPO3 (/typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php)

I migrated my content using CMS2CMS test site. What should I do next?

You have two alternatives after migration using CMS2CMS test site:

1. Contact our support and ask to remigrate data to your own site.

2. Contact our support and request migration Dump file to deploy it in your site by yourself.

Both procedures are free.

Is it possible to install the Connection Bridge without FTP?

Yes, it is possible. You may set up the connection bridge automatedly. Just provide the access credentials to your Source and Target websites in the provided fields in the migration wizard and then, the connection bridge will be installed automatedly.

Notice. The automated Connection Bridge setup works with the following migration pairs:

Can I migrate my article IDs?

CMS2CMS doesn’t support article IDs migration. After the data transfer is done, IDs of your articles would be given accordingly to the structure of your target website.

However, if you need to preserve article IDs, you can choose one of our Support Service Packages.

In what cases I don’t have to install the connection bridge?

You don’t have to install the connection bridge, in case you are moving your website content from Blogger.com, Tumblr or WiX. You just have to provide the login and password to your site.

Can I migrate my flash based website using CMS2CMS?

No, you cannot. CMS2CMS doesn’t support the migration of flash sites. To get more information on the migration possibilities, visit Supported CMS and Forum page.

How can I calculate the number of pages before the migration?

You can calculate the number of pages on your site in different ways according to the type of the CMS you are using:



1. Specify your site address.
2. Enter login and password of your site.


1. Specify your site address.
2. Grant CMS2CMS access to your site.


1. Specify your site address.
2. Verify connection.

If you want to migrate from HTML or WIX site to your own Target site, you need to provide all the necessary information and install Bridge file to your Target site. If you use CMS2CMS test site for migration, than you don’t have to install Connection Bridge to it.

Before the start of your migration, you will see the number of pages on your HTML site and the price of the data transfer.

In other cases to see the quantity of pages on the site your need to follow Migration Wizard and set up  Connection Bridge.

If you have any difficulties feel free to contact our Support Team.

Does CMS2CMS support multisite and multilanguage migration?

Currently, multilanguage migration is only available in Service Packages. However, CMS2CMS Team is working to provide automated multisite migration in the nearest future.

What is “Quick Wizard”?

Quick Wizard allows you to get the picture on how your website will look like on the new CMS. The major benefit of this migration option is a minute procedure – the website conversion will take approximately 5 minutes.

  • You have to provide your current website URL
  • Choose your desired CMS. Currently the Quick Wizard works with WordPress, Drupal, TYPO3, and Joomla.
  • In the split moments you’ll be able to check the preview of your future site.


In order to move all your website content, you are welcome to proceed with the full migration.


How to restore the Dump file?

There are two ways of Dump Restoring ahead of view:
1. using phpMyAdmin
2. using MySQL commands

phpMyAdmin is a program that allows to manipulate databases remotely through a web interface.
You can find the final version here. If you follow the steps below, you should restore
the database dump effortlessly:

1. To initiate the dump restoring – login to phpMyAdmin.


2. When clicked Databases – select the one you will be importing your data into.


3. When finished, you will see either a list of tables already inside that database
or a screen that says no tables exist. That depends on your setup.


4. Click the Import tab at the top of your screen. To proceed with the restoring
– press Browse button next to the text file box.


5. Locate the backup file stored on your computer. Make sure SQL is selected
in the Format drop-down menu.


6. Finish the process by activating “Go” button.


To restore the database dump using MySQL – the following steps will take you

through the process accurately and precisely:

  1. Unzip your file
  2. Put the backed-up SQL back into MySQL
  3. Enter your mySQL password: (enter password)

What should I do to migrate my menu to the new CMS?

CMS2CMS allows you to migrate your current CMS platform menu to the new one in a fully automated way.

This feature is available for your website migration from:

  • Joomla 1.5.x-3.x
  • WordPress 3.x
  • Drupal 6.x – 7.x

And migration to the following CMSs:

  • Joomla 1.5.x-3.x
  • WordPress 3.x
  • Drupal 6.x – 7.x

After the migration, set up your new CMS menu. For various CMSs, this process differs:

  • WordPress

Go to WP admin panel -> Appearance -> Menu


After you press ”Edit menus” button proceed the following actions:

– Choose the menu from a list -> Press “Select” -> Go to Menu Setting -> Flag “Top primary menu” -> Press “Save menu” button.


  • Joomla

Joomla Administration -> Menus

Then, go to “Menu Manager” -> Press “Add a module for this menu type” -> Fill in the title name -> after you press “select position”, choose the location of your current template.


  • Drupal 7

Drupal dashboard -> Structure -> Menus


If you want to try the migration using CMS2CMS WordPress test site (preview), the menu is set up automatedly and the procedure looks like the following:

  • If you migrate from Joomla to CMS2CMS WordPress test site, your Joomla Home menu is migrated to the test site.

  • When you migrate from the other CMS platforms to the test site, the last menu you have created, will be converted as the main menu on your WordPress site.

Сan I migrate a site hosted on the same domain as the target site?

There are two ways to deal with the above issue:

1. You can migrate to the subfolder under the same domain. To reflect that – the source site (you want to migrate from) is http://www.example.com and the target site (you want to migrate to) – http://www.example.com/new_site.

2. If you’re considering your current site http://www.example.com moving on the same domain – you can do it in two phases:

a) migrate your content to our testsite (more info) and request the Dump file after migration;

b) once finished, install a new platform on your http://www.example.com domain and restore your data from the Dump file.


How can I check Demo Migration results?

Demo Migration allows to move a limited number of entities (pages, posts, comments, etc.)

However, it provides an opportunity to check how CMS2CMS service works.

You have to enter the back-end of the website to check Demo Migration results. For CMS2CMS preview site use login: testuser , password: testuser.

In case data was transferred to your own site, use your access credentials.

Follow the list to ensure that all the data migrated properly:

  1. Content pages
  2. Menus
  3. Images
  4. Categories
  5. Users

Here are tutorials for Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.

Afterwards, complete your migration and transfer the all the data.

Can I have my posts assigned to categories?

During the migration from the Source Site to the Target one, CMS2CMS imports posts with categories and the relations between them. In case you have the categories created at your Target website, it’s impossible to transfer posts into them and make relations. In this case use one of our Support Service Packages.

Can I make any changes within my website when the migration process is on?

It is not recommended to make any changes until the migration process is fully completed. In case you change something on your Source site during the migration – the data will not be imported to the Target website. Should you make changes on the Target website – they will be erased.

Is it possible to map content in migration? How?

Content mapping can only be performed in Drupal to WordPress migration. While Drupal makes it possible to create a lot of different content types, and in WordPress only 2 are available by default (posts, pages) – therefore, the content mapping allows users to choose the way they want to map the content.

Just check the boxes in the migration wizard to indicate which content type should be migrated to.

content mapping


What version of PHP I need to perform migration?

You need to use PHP v.5 or later to perform data migration. If you have an earlier version, purchase one of our Support Service Packages and our Tech Team will perform migration for you.

How to count the amount of entities in WordPress?

  • If you need to count comments in WordPress, you should:
  1. login with your admin account,
  2. go to Dashboard and find the required information there.


  • To count the number of users in WordPress:
  1. login with your admin account,
  2. go Dashboard => Users, find All.


How to count the amount of entities in Drupal?

  • To count the amount of content in your Drupal website:
  1. login with your admin account,
  2. go to Admin Menu => Content,
  3. count the number of posts multiplied by the number of pages.


  • To count the amount of users in your Drupal website:
  1. login with your admin account,
  2. go to Admin Menu => People,
  3. count the number of users multiplied by the number of pages.


  • To count the amount of comments in your Drupal website:
  1. login with your admin account,
  2. go to Admin Menu => Modules=> Comments=> Configure,
  3. count the amount of comments multiplied by the number of pages.


How to count the amount of entities in Joomla website?

  • To count the amount of content in your Joomla website:
  1. login with your admin account,
  2. go to Admin Menu => Content => Article Manager,
  3. count the number of posts multiplied by the number of pages.


  • To count the amount of users in your Joomla website:
  1. login with your admin account,
  2. go to Admin Menu => User => User Manager,
  3. count the number of users multiplied by the number of pages.


How to add CMS2CMS IPs to the white list?

Follow the simple steps below to add CMS2CMS IPs to the white list in order to prevent accidental blocking.

Instructions for WHM (Web Host Manager):

1. Login to WHM.


2. Go to the bottom of the left menu to the Plugins


3. Click on the ConfigServer Security&Firewall option.

4. Type the desired IP into Allow (Green Box) across the “Quick Allow” button. Press the “Quick Allow” button.


Instructions for cPanel:

1. Login to cPanel and choose the option Remote MySQL.


2. Fill in the Host field with the desired IP address.


3. Click on the “Add host” button.

Instructions for Plesk:

  1. Login to Plesk.
  2. Click on the Websites & Domains tab at the top.
  3. Click on SQL Whitelist Beta icon.
  4. Click on Add IP button and select the service and type IP.
  5. Click OK.

The list of IPs you need to add:

  • Port 80

What is the migration time estimation?

The migration time depends on each particular migration case. The time of your data migration generally depends on:

  • your hosting peculiarities;
  • the quantity of migration items;
  • type of data;
  • type of Source and Target CMS.

The average estimated migration is 15 minutes.

Please, be sure that we do everything possible to provide you with the highest speed of migration performance.

What types of databases does CMS2CMS work with?

Currently, we support the migration only from MySQL database type.

Can I migrate new entities that have appeared on my Source CMS after Full Migration was completed?

Yes, absolutely! In case some new entities are coming to your Source CMS after your Full Migration has been successfully accomplished – you may request Recent Data Migration Service – and therefore, migrate all those entities to the Target CMS.

What is the usual speed that I can expect when migrating with CMS2CMS?

CMS2CMS places no limits on the speed of the migration. Basically, it depends mostly on the amount of pictures to be converted and the quality of the hosting. To be more specific – Demo Migration lasts approximately 10-15 min, while for Full Migration get ready to spend from 15 min to a couple of hours.

Is it possible to migrate only my Kunena forum without Joomla website?

No, within the CMS2CMS service selective migration is not available. However, you may request one of our Support Packages to get the job done.

Can I migrate only my bbPress forum without WordPress site?

No. Selective migration requires extra efforts and therefore is available only within the CMS2CMS Service Packages.

Once the migration is completed successfully, can I remove the Bridge File? How?

Yes, absolutely. There are 2 ways to remove the Bridge File:

  1. Delete the CMS2CMS folder from the root directory of your website. 
  2. Delete the Plugin that you’ve previously installed.

Is it possible to perform payments in other currencies except USD?

You are free to choose one of 26 supported currencies in a drop-down list at 2Checkout, however your migration cost will be converted to USD according to the current 2Checkout exchange rate.

The Connection Bridge has been successfully installed, but there’s still an error…

In case you’ve successfully installed the Connection Bridge, but still face the Connection Bridge Not Found error – take your time to check the htaccess file that may restrict access to certain folders and lead to the error. Therefore, during the migration process make sure to rename the .htaccess to htaccess and once the migration is completed – rename it to the initial one.

Alternatively, you can create the .htaccess in the cms2cms bridge folder:

1. Open the cms2cms folder.
2. Click to create the file.
3. Add to the file the following code:
<Files *.php>
Order Allow,Deny
Allow from all

4. Save the file as .htaccess and try to proceed with your migration again.

Will the Redirects work if I relocate my Target website to my Source? If not – what should I do?

They will work if you relocate all your Target database to the Source one. To be specific, after you have uploaded “cms2cms-redirect” folder (the one you extracted from the zip file) to your Target website root directory, open your wp-config.php file and change the Target Domain Name to the Source Domain.

How can I keep the same domain name once the migration is completed?

There are 3 scenarios of post-migration domain names switching:

1. You’ve got the same hosting provider on both of your websites, identical domain names, but different target website subdirectory:

Reach your FTP



Give some other name to you source site folder (source.com -> abcd.com)



Create a new folder with the same name as the source folder used to be named (source.com)



Move data from the target website folder (abcd.com/target-website) to the priviously created one (source.com).

2. You’ve got the same hosting provider but different domain names.

  1. Log in to your FTP
  2. Rename your source site and entitle the target site folder with it.


3. You’ve got different source and target websites providers and different domain names.

  1. Change the target domain name to the source one.
  2. Enter your source site domain settings.
  3. Go to DNS management and provide the newly created name servers from target’s hosting provider.


Your target website will be offline while migrating and for the next 24-72 hours.

Once finished, take your time to change the Name Servers of a domain name:

  • Sign in to the admin account of your hosting provider.
  • Go to Domains menu (the menu names may vary due to the domain hosting company you’re currently in).


Choose the corresponding domain.


Once, the domain management menu appears – select Set NameServers, under the NameServers name.


Provide the new name servers into the matching fields.


When you buy a hosting, there’s an assigned letter with access to FTP, MySQL and NS – just type it. Alternatively, request the hosting provider support for a help or read through the hostings FAQ for the information required.

Save the transformations.

Why my WordPress website content is missing after the migration?

In case your WordPress website comes loaded with WPML plugin, this can be one of the reasons of the problem. If you created content while WPML was inactive, this content may not have language information and will not display for any language (both in the front-end and back-end).

To resolve the missing content in your site, add language information to the content that doesn’t have languages. Go to WPML -> Support -> Troubleshooting, look for the “Clean up” section and click on Set language information. WPML will put all content without any language in the site’s default language.

Is it possible to migrate attachments from HTML website?

In case the attachments (PDF, DOCX, DOC, PPTX, XLSX, etc.) are on the same domain as the website itself – yes, it quite possible to migrate them within the CMS2CMS service.

What do I need to switch to another CMS with CMS2CMS service?

All you need to perform your data import is:

  • Install your Target CMS.
  • Make sure Source and Target websites are available online.
  • FTP access to your Source website (your current site you want to migrate from).
  • FTP access to your Target website (new one you are migrating to).

How many entities (i.e. categories, posts, users etc.) can I migrate for free using CMS2CMS service?

You can migrate up to 10 content pages (with all related entities) for free using Demo Migration.

Can I perform the migration on my local computer?

It is impossible to conduct migrations locally as CMS2CMS is a web-based tool and can get access to your website data only via Internet connection.

To perform your migration, it is absolutely necessary that your Source and Target websites are available online.

Do I need to install the CMS platform I want to migrate to?

Not necessarily, you can try Demo migration with CMS2CMS even if your Target CMS (the one you’d like to move to) isn’t yet installed. In this case a limited amount of your website data will be migrated to one of our test sites, and you’ll get admin access details to view the results on both front- and backend.

However, in order to complete your Full migration, you are going to need the Target CMS installed.

Can you migrate my website data to the new CMS for me?

Yes, our technical engineers can handle the Migration for you and make the necessary customizations (it comes for the extra fee). You only have to purchase a suitable Support Service Package.

Why should I use CMS2CMS to migrate to another content management system?

  • It’s the easiest way to import data to your new CMS: no software installation, no expensive extensions, no coding!
  • You save your time and efforts as the migrations are performed very quickly and the procedure is really simple.
  • You receive best quality support. CMS2CMS support managers and tech engineers will make sure your data moving works out fine and will be there for you to attend to any issues.

Will my source CMS be live during migration?

Migration process won’t affect your source CMS website in any way. It will be up during and after the migration process.

Do you migrate the users’ passwords?

User details can be migrated from source CMS to target CMS. However, CMS2CMS doesn’t migrate the passwords, because they are encrypted specifically.

Your users can use Password Recovery tool on your Target website to access their accounts. Take into account that the service preserves the existing user roles.

Do you support image migration?

Yes, images are migrated along with the textual content.

NOTE. Make sure the permission values of 777 or 755 (depending on your server configuration) are set for default image folders on your target website. 

By default, they are as follows: for Joomla – /images/ for WordPress – /wp-content/uploads/

Will the URL structure of the original site be maintained on the new site after migration?

The URL structure will change, because each CMS uses its own way to build URLs for pages .

You can use 301 permanent redirects to avoid 404 errors on your original URLs. CMS2CMS can handle this job for you by setting the 301 redirects automatedly. Learn more here.


What is internal links migration? Does it mean I’ll keep my old URLs?

Internal links are those connecting two elements inside your site (for example two articles/posts). This kind of links will be live after migration, which means all the connections within the website structure will be kept.

Your site URLs will change, but if your Target site supports SEO URLs, all of your internal links can be built  in accordance to the new URL-rewrite rules and be made SEO friendly. You have to check the appropriate option in the Migration Wizard.

What is the connection bridge and how to install it?

Connection bridge file is a special gateway used to gain access to the data from your Source and Target websites and allow data interaction between them.

To install the connection bridge, initiate your Migration setup. After you have specified your Source and Target websites, you’ll be asked to download and install Connection Bridge.

Follow these steps or watch the video tutorial with instructions on how to install connection bridge on your websites.

  1. The first step is to click “Download Bridge” button and save the file to your local computer. It will be saved as zip file containing cms2cms folder.
  2. Extract the cms2cms folder from the zip file.
  3. Now, connect to your Source and Target Websites via FTP with the help of any type of FTP client software, e.g. WinSCP, FileFTP, FileZilla, CuteFTP, etc.
  4. Within the FTP client, copy the cms2cms folder extracted from the Connection Bridge zip file and insert it into the root folder (top folder with the index.php file) of both your Source and Target CMS websites.
  5. Check whether the Connection Bridge file has been installed correctly. Simply enter http://[your site URL]/cms2cms/bridge.php within your browser address line. If you see ‘Bridge successfully installed' message – it means your bridge is working correctly.
  6. Now you can go back to your Migration Wizard and press ‘Verify Connection to your Sites” button.

What is the root folder of my website?

The root folder is where your website primary index.php file is located. It is also called the top folder.

Does the connection bridge make any changes to my website?

The connection bridge is used only to retrieve the information from your website.
It can not and in no way will bring in any alterations to your website configuration or data. We guarantee that this method of obtaining information is absolutely secure for your website.

Can I close my browser window after the migration process has started?

Yes, you can close your browser window any time after CMS migration has started. When you login to CMS2CMS again, you’ll be redirected to the information page on the migration status if it’s still in progress.

When migration is complete, you’ll be notified via email.

How many migrations can I run simultaneously using CMS2CMS?

Currently, you can run only 1 migration at a time.

What if the migration doesn’t work for me?

We strongly recommend to try the Demo Migration before making any payments. You will be able to check the migration performance for the limited number of items.

If the Migration does not work for you, please contact our Support Team. Our technical engineers will investigate the issue and provide you with relevant solutions.

The main reasons of migration interruption can be the following:

  • the connection to your website is interrupted or not available;
  • the issue occurred with your Source/Target Database;
  • you were trying to proceed with two or more migrations at the same time for the same websites;
  • Bridge.php file was deleted during the migration process.

Why the number of pages migrated is much smaller than the number of pages Google Webmaster Tools indicates for my website?

CMS2CMS counts only existing unique content pages of your website. Google Webmaster Tools shows the number of all indexed pages, which iclude pagination, login/sign up pages, 404 pages etc. Moreover, the same page with and without www. in the domain address is considered to be two different pages by GWT. This is the reason why the quantity of migrated pages and existing ones according to GWT is different.

You don’t need to worry as all of the content from your previous website has been migrated to the new one.

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