4 Sleek Tips to Migrate Wrong

Learn from the mistakes of those who have migrated before you, and migrated unwisely. Don’t do what whatever someone did. That’s just quality life advice in general. But the more specific advice to take, is that if you can’t proceed … Read More


Pimp My Site (WordPress Cool Things You’re Probably Ignoring)

WordPress is everywhere. When you allow yourself to be inspired by WordPress, you can find it everywhere. The Rolling Stones, TechCrunch, TED, NFL, Forbes, eBay, CNN, Jay-Z, Beyonce… What’s to unite them all? (be it surprisingly, or not) WordPress. From … Read More

CMS2CMS Skiaps the Turkey to Support You

CMS2CMS Skips the Turkey to Support You

What’s Thanksgiving for if not a little bit of rest and celebration? Cocktails flow, turkeys of all kind (fried, roasted, grilled, we mean) are carved… and never ending hours of support with our service! 😉 Plop yourself down on a … Read More


“I’ve Invested a Ton of Time Into Using WordPress, And It’s Not Failed Me Yet.” – Interview with Russell Aaron

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How to Keep Your WordPress Website Updated While You’re On Vacation: Tutorial

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New Boundary-Pushing WordPress Size, Ranked

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3 of 2015’s the Most Googled Joomla Site Problems

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“The Older – the More Mature.The More Mature – the Better.” – Interview with Mike Veeckmans

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About Geography and CMS [Infographic]

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Let 404 Error Page Hypnotise You

Just admit it, you wish to come across a 404 error page providing it was Bluegg. It’s of a rare fun, one of the few pages that could make a fault and still be held highly among the ranks of … Read More