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Blogging Rules and Etiquette

Blogging Rules and Etiquette
So you’ve decided to put your enduring idea into life – to start a blog and jump into the world of online publishing – congrats! Before you get in, it’s a must-know that there are some certain ethics, laws and rules that concern to every single blogger. This post is going to show the ones you have to follow for staying far beyond the legal troubles. Let’s see what we can do to stay a welcome part of the blogging community. The following 3 tips will make it happen effortlessly and easily. #1 Wr...

Medium and WordPress Compared: Is There a Better One?

Medium and WordPress Compared- Is There
Choosing a CMS for your blog is a tough choice. Fans of each platform are trying to persuade the whole world that their favorite CMS is the best for everyone. However, they forget to keep in mind that for a successful web project you don’t need “the best CMS in the world” (which actually doesn’t exist), but rather – a platform that would most fully meet exactly your personal requirements. When it comes to a perfect choice, our advice is to get a clear vision of your whole project. Think over what ...

24th of August – Independence Day Celebration

Independence Day Celebration
On the occasion of the state holidays, CMS2CMS Team will provide limited support on August 24. You will be able to reach our Support Team by submitting your tickets or via live chats from 11 a.m to 5 p.m (GMT +2). We appreciate your patience and will be glad to respond on all requests received during this day. CMS2CMS Team will do it’s best to incorporate your waiting and provide you with the immaculate service afterwards. Sincerely Yours, CMS2CMS Team

Joomla 2.5 to 3.4: 6 Handy Steps to Renovation

Joomla 2-5 to 3-4 Handy Steps to Renovation
Joomla is undoubtedly one of the award-winning content management systems. Users throughout the world are going crazy for this piece of software and once they give it a try – it lasts for ages. Though, the time goes by and the technology  is constantly evolving. If not to switch to another web solution – it’s a must to renovate your own one. Joomla’s last release fascinates its users and it’s not for vain. Joomla 3.4, comparing with 2.5 release, has got a whole bunch of new features and possi...

Catch Your Hot Summertime Price – Migrate to a New CMS Up From $19

Seize the Melting Prices
Feel sad because the summertime is coming to an end? Don’t be, ‘cos CMS2CMS has prepared a hot portion of wonderful news for its users. This time we are happy to announce the launch of our special offer – reduced migration prices for a number of popular CMSs and forum platforms, including: Joomla (along with Joomla K2, Kunena and Zoo) Drupal and Drupal Forum WordPress and Blogger bbPress phpBB vBulletin and much more Enjoy the last sunny days of summer with CMS2CMS and transform your...

Migrate from Medium and Open New Horizons With WordPress

Migrate from Medium and Open New Horizons With WordPress
For fresh internet users, deciding to launch an online site is an excitingly fascinating time. By the nature of the case, it’s also a new destination and even the most ambitious site builders inevitably face one and the same problem: What CMS to choose? Coming up with platform ideas may be a challenging task. Though there is no lack of possibilities. When comparing 2 web solutions Medium and WordPress – it should be mentioned that whatever pros the first one might have it doesn’t really matter. As lo...

Cheery Birthday Joomla! 10 Fruitful Years Accomplished

It’s August 17th today! Could you assume what’s so special about this on-going date? You’ve guessed it right! Joomla has turned its 10 successful fruitful years old! Needless to say that this Anniversary is a hugely amazing achievement for all Joomla users, contributors and fans. Joomla started on August 17th, 2005 when a team of 17 enthusiasts had ventured on a big, bold affair willing to create a seamlessly fresh web option for website building. Users, contributors, developers and friends – each...

How to Get a Date With Johnny Depp or XOOPS vs WordPress

XOOPS vs WordPress
Let’s rewind for a while and imagine that you’re trying to get a date with Johnny Depp. Beyond doubts, it may be complicated to pretend. Though, do it anyway and get into this sweetly tempting dream. Face the fact: he’s immaculate, single, has plenty choices. Now, if you desire to impress him, what’s going to be the perfect plan? You’re probably wondering, how does this apply to XOOPS CMS and WordPress solution. What’s the connection string here? Simple – online visitors are the Johnny Depp...

Improved Wix to WordPress, Joomla and Drupal Migration

Wix to WordPress Joomla or Drupal
Prepare to be amazed! Always striving to bring the highest quality of services to its customers, CMS2CMS introduces a hot new set of features. From now on migrating from Wix to WordPress, Joomla or Drupal is easier than ever. Users will be surprised by the increased migration speed and some major bug fixes. Moreover, CMS2CMS now includes some truly advanced migration options: Move all content pages and posts (huge improvements here!). Move picture galleries. Keep on the new website all clickable buttons. Move...

No Site Will Be Successful If It Doesn’t Understand Its Audience” – Interview with Michelle Schulp

Interview with Michelle Schulp
Today we are pleased to introduce one of the most creative visual communications designer, rockstar at saying stuff, WordPress expert and WordCamp organizer – Michelle Schulp. Enjoy the interview on this incredible woman’s work, lifestyle and guiding motivation. It’s a huge pleasure to interview you, Michelle. Thanks for agreeing. In your presentations, you quite often encourage to “stop making things pretty and start designing”. So why does it happen that the most beautiful sites are not always t...
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