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Migration from WordPress 1.5-4.x is supported
Migration to WordPress 4.1.x 4.2.x., 4.3.x is supported

Originally conceived as a publishing platform, WordPress has grown into a rich featured CMS offering vast opportunities for creating blogs and full-sized websites.

It’s intuitive interface along with countless themes and customisation opportunities have made it the most popular CMS on the web. With WordPress plugin architecture, you can extend your website functionality far beyond the limits of its base options and even run multiple websites within one installation. WordPress is perfect combination of advanced functionality and ease of use. Thanks to it, starting your own website is a snap, since you don’t need any additional knowledge to administer it.

So, if you are willing to switch to WordPress, with CMS2CMS online service migrating your data is easy and quick .

Migration Options

Coming Soon Migration Options...
Coming Soon Migration Options

What I Can Migrate?

PagesStatic website content e.g. About us page (passwords, categories, created date, status, author)yesyes
PostsCategorised content - articles, blog posts (title, textual content, passwords, categories, created date, status, author)yesyes
CategoriesContent categories and sections with preserved “parent-child” relations and posts belonging to themyesyes
TagsTags corresponding to certain posts of the source websiteyesyes
SEO TagsSEO title, keywords, description of pages and posts of your source websiteyesno
Commentspost comments, including author name, email, created date, status, authoryesyes
Content ImagesImages, corresponding to all posts and pages in the source siteyesyes
UsersInformation about each user, e.g. Email, Login, First Name, Last Name, Nickname, user created dateyesyes
AttachmentsMedia attached to your posts e.g PDF files, mp3, videos etc.noyes
Menu itemsCategories, tags, content, custom menu items (e.g. external links)yesyes
301 redirectsAutomatedly redirect your previous URLs to the new ones to keep your SEO juice after migrationnoyes

Notes (migration from WordPress)

“WordPress” is a registered trademark of The WordPress Foundation

Notes (migration to WordPress)

Tags from Drupal migrate as categories
“WordPress” is a registered trademark of The WordPress Foundation

Additional options

Migrate categories and pages/articles/posts SEO aliases ($1)?With this option, you can migrate the SEO-friendly part of the current site URLs to your new site. Example: If a post URL on your existing site looked like this www.current_site.com/your-post-title/, on the new site it will look like this www.new_site.com/your-post-title/yesyes
Make URLs SEO-friendly (FREE)?If you choose this option, all internal links (connecting elements inside the site) will be built according to the SEO URLs structure you configured on your Target website.yesyes
Migrate images / attachments ($1)?This option allows to transfer your images from posts/articles to the new website.yesyes
Thumbnail creation after migration (FREE)?Supported only if ‘Migrate images / attachments’ option selectedyesyes
301 Redirects from old URLs to new URLs ($1)?Creating permanent 301 redirects for your Articles/Posts/Pages URLs.
Example. A visitor/search engine bot trying to access your website old URL will be automatically taken to the new one, which is the best practice to preserve your traffic and SEO after migration.
Fix broken relationships in the database (FREE)?This means the problems with connecting elements in your database will be resolved after migration.yesyes
Fix internal links after migration (FREE)?This option allows to preserve the navigation inside your website after migration.
Example. If page A on your current site links to page B, after migration this link will be live on your new site.
Migrate passwords ($5)?The option allows former users login via the same user details within the new CMS.yesyes
Insurance migration restart during 7 days ($5)?This option allows to restart migration during the specified period of time.yesyes
Insurance migration restart during 14 days ($7)?This option allows to restart migration during the specified period of time.yesyes
Insurance migration restart during 30 days ($9)?This option allows to restart migration during the specified period of time.yesyes
Migrate forms ($5)?This option allows you to migrate content with forms to a new website.noyes

Customization Services

Custom Fields ?Related to a post are migrated into body of a post. However, if you want to preserve the current structure of your site - this option is available for additional cost.
Selective Migration ?Particular kinds of content are all migrated to the default one. They can be matched for additional price only.
Migration from Database Dump ?Migration of a particular part of content is available for additional cost.
Start Free Demo Estimate your migration price — Pricing starts from only $29

Supported eCommerce Modules

yes yes Shopp

Migration from Shopp plugin is supported
Migration to Shopp plugin is supported

yes yes WooCommerce

Migration from WooCommerce plugin is supported
Migration to WooCommerce plugin is supported

yes yes MiwoShop

Migration from MiwoShop plugin is supported
Migration to MiwoShop plugin is supported

yes yes WordPress eStore Plugin

Migration from WordPress eStore Plugin plugin is supported
Migration to WordPress eStore Plugin plugin is supported

yes yes Cart66

Migration from Cart66 plugin is supported
Migration to Cart66 plugin is supported
In order to implement e-commerce modules migration on your website, fill in the form below:

Request Migration

How Much It Costs?

You may calculate the cost of your wordpress migration making use of CMS2CMS MIgration Estimator. Simply drag the slider to point out the number of content pages on your website or the amount of threads on your forum. Then select any additional options for the migration and see the price in the table on the right.

Calculate your migration price

Estimate Your Own Migration Price

I want to migrate
Migration Price: $29
Estimate Again Start Free Demo

*Note, some migration options are available only for certain platforms
The price of the full migration may change according to the number of entities

How it Works

How it works Start FREE Demo

How CMS2CMS works


Supported modules

Apart from content, CMS2CMS also transfer the most important modules data out of your current web site to the corresponding ones on your new web site. So, check out the list of available plugin combinations below. Note. In order to migrate data from a plugin on your present website, make sure you install its counterpart on the new site before getting started with your migration setup.

no yes WordPress SEO Yoast

Migration from WordPress SEO Yoast plugin is unsupported
Migration to WordPress SEO Yoast plugin is supported

no yes NextGenGallery

Migration from NextGenGallery plugin is unsupported
Migration to NextGenGallery plugin is supported

yes yes bbPress

Migration from bbPress plugin is supported
Migration to bbPress plugin is supported

Save your Time and Efforts for Migration!

All-in-One Migration Service

All-in-One Migration Service

Your migration needs customizations or you just don’t have time to handle it yourself? Get All-in-One Migration Service and allow CMS2CMS technicians take care of the transfer for you!
Buy a suitable Support Service Package and your information will be moved according to your needs, saving your time and efforts.

Get Support Package
Migration Setup Assistance — FREE

Migration Setup Assistance — FREE

Get help with setting up the connection between your sites - one of the migration steps. Simply provide your websites’ FTP credentials and CMS2CMS techs will install the connection bridge on both of your sites at no cost at all.
We guarantee 100% security for your confidential information.

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It seems that the migration did work flawlessly ;) . Thanks for an awesome service!
X-Rockz Magazine x-rockz-magazin.com
I used CMS2CMS to migrate our club site from Drupal to WordPress. It was great! Very simple, thorough, and easy to understand. Something on our Drupal site tripped up the automated migration, but the CMS2CMS tech staff stepped in and had the migration completed in less than 24 hours. I can recommend CMS2CMS wholeheartedly!
Mike McPherson www.albemarleradio.org
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